Abbreviations Found in This Database

Nearly every individual in the database has a 'notes' section. Within the 'notes' section are abbreviations that you may or may not understand. At the top of the notes, I may mention "POM/DOM/DOB" which means "Place of Marriage", "Date of Marriage" and "Date of Birth". Following that line would be the source of that information.

When writing in paragraph form within the notes, I may just put "Daniel b 1806 may be the s/o Jacob", which means "Daniel born 1806 may be the son of Jacob".

Currently, the online database will signify there are 'notes' by putting a number (or numbers) surrounded by brackets, such as [T989]. If you click on that number, it'll swing you immediately down to the notes section that corresponds to that number. Another way to view the 'notes' on an individual is to use your down-arrow key and look for information below the pedigree chart of the individual.

BAP Baptised
ch child or children
d/o daughter of
DOB date of birth
DOBap date of baptism
DOBurial date of burial
DOM Date of Marriage
DOD date of death
POB place of birth
POBap place of baptism
POBurial place of burial
POD place of death
POM place of marriage
s/o son of
SSDI Social Security Death Index
WFT World Family Tree CD

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