Black Knight Plate 6.25"

This plate deserved it's own page...

"Hello, my name is Ted Gormley. I came across your website while researching a dish. My wife and I found this dessert dish today while walking along the shore of Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn. If you're not familiar with the area, it is on the west side of Flatbush Avenue, across from Floyd Bennett Field in the most southern part of Brooklyn, across the water from Rockaway Beach. This area, among other uses, was a municipal dump before it was filled in to make the airport. There is about a mile of beach absolutely covered with old bottles and ceramics, masonry, car parts, etc. Most of the china and pottery is in pieces, but this dish is completely intact, albeit faded. It is 6.25"in diameter.

As per the request on your site, here are some pictures. Its amazing that it survived this long without being broken! It must have been completely buried until recently."

Ted Gormley sent the above message and below images in October 2007. (Thank you!)