Pans and Bucket

A person via email in March of 2006 wrote me asking about some items he/she had purchased at a yard sale about 10 years previous in Morgantown, WV. The description the person sent me of the items is as follows:

"Hi. I have some Wm. Foor Hotel Co. of PA Nickel Silver Items. It looks like it might be an ice bucket. It is 6" tall with a dia. of 5" at the top opening. It has a handle that stands 4 1/2" above the top when up. It can move from side to side. There is an emblem on one side and marked on the bottom with the same writings that are on the creamer on your website. I also have three small pot looking things with the emblem on one side and the markings on the bottom. Two of these pots are 1 1/2" tall and 3" in diameter. The other one is 2" tall and 3 3/4" diameter. Each pot has a handle like a butter knife."

The person later told me that on the bottom of the bucket it says "Wm. Foor Hotel Co. of Pennsylvania, 05384, Albert Pick & Company of Bridgeport, Ind., Nickel Silver, Silver Soldered".

An ice bucket, apparently the same kind as the one picture above but in much nicer condition, was put up for sale on in April of 2006. After 10 bids it sold for $112.50. Photos used with permission from seller.