Oct. 2006 photo of  Glick / Brick Church / Hoy Cemetery

These cemetery pages are part of the Genealogy in Bloom Township, Fairfield Co., Ohio website.

Use the links on the left toolbar to take you to the pages pertaining to specific cemeteries within Bloom township. (In the future, this page may also include some other cemeteries that are local but not within Bloom township boundaries).

PLEASE NOTE that the info gathered here is copyrighted and may not be copied, reproduced or displayed on other websites unless you've received permission from the webmaster. Most likely any photograph placed on the cemetery pages will be gladly shared; however, we will give you the full citation/source in which to use with the photograph. Not all photos were taken by the webmaster; many were taken by other Internet users who have graciously submitted their photos for these webpages so that others could benefit by their display.

None of the cemetery listings are complete. Although many contain lists of people known to be buried there, it's important to note that NONE of these are to be considered actual tombstone transcriptions unless you're viewing one of the many photographs. The lists included of "people buried here" for specific cemeteries are extracted periodically from the master database (gedcom). The information in those lists may appear to be tombstone transcriptions, but MANY times the data shown in those lists will differenciate highly from the actual words on the stone. The birth and/or death dates may have come from an obituary, death or funeral announcement or a probate record. For instance, an actual stone may read that a person died in 1886 in his 71st year, yet the list may show his entire birth and death dates as they were found elsewhere in one or more sources. If you see any individual in a list, or his/her tombstone photo, that person is ALSO in the online searchable master database that is updated once a month. 99.9% of the time you can find much more info on any of the individuals listed on these cemetery pages by searching the master database by clicking here or go to the main "Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio website at www.foorgenealogy.com/gene.html.

The site welcomes and encourages users to submit tombstone photographs from any of the cemeteries listed. Please email them to foorgenealogy @ yahoo.com .

There is a three-volume set of books published by the Fairfield County, Ohio Genealogy Society in 1996 entitled "Cemeteries of Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio". For more information on this publication and all others published by that society, go to http://www.fairfieldgenealogy.org/publicatons/publications.html. This website is not an off-shoot or in anyway connected to the Fairfield County Genealogy website, or the Fairfield County, Ohio GenWeb website.

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