Photo courtesy of Cynthia Tobin In May of 2003 Cynthia Tobin of Scotland, PA., emailed me about an item she was selling on eBay. She sent along a scanned photo of the item -- a glass 'jar' (shown here with a blue background) -- and asked me if I knew what it was. She says it has a crest on the top and the Foor name is on the bottom of the lid. I asked her to describe it further, and her reply: "We believe it was made exclusively for the William Foor Hotel Company of Pennsylvania by Albert Pick and Company of Bridgeport, Inc. That The bottle is blown and ribbed - the ribs can be felt inside the bottle. The neck of the bottle is cut and polished. It is 7 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter at its widest point. The metal stand and lid are nickel silver and silver soldered. One of the legs of the stand is numbered 04611...we imagined it may have held brandy at a fancy courtesy desk - or in a fancy sitting room "

In August, 2003, William Alan Morrison, great grandson of William A. Foor, states, "By the way, the glass object shown on your website is possibly a cruet used to serve oil at the table for oil & vinegar salad dressings to the taste of the customer."