The photo of this cup was sent to me by Kathy Lewis who wrote me the following in April 2002: "I live in New Jersey. Last night I was visiting my parents who live in Fortescue, NJ, a small fishing village on the Delaware Bay. My father was digging around where an old house once was and found a cup with the William Foor Hotel name on it. The pattern is different from the plate you have. I will take a picture of it and have it scanned and sent to you. This cup most likely was from the Cumberland Hotel. Fortescue is in Cumberland County, NJ. I found your research very interesting. I can't wait to tell my father because he did not think there would be anything on the Internet on his new find."

Kathy Lewis sent the scanned photos of the cup, which appear on this page. Note: It appears the cup and the plate are of the same pattern.