The following dish was for sale on ebay in November of 2005. The seller sold the item as part of a two-piece 'buy'. The second piece was an approximately 6" round silver tray. I contacted the seller and received permission to use the photo of this dish on the website. Starting bid on the two items was $16.99. The seller received one bid and the two pieces were sold for $16.99.

The seller's description of the other tray was: An oval shaped tray is 8 1/4" by 4". It has raised side walls aand 4 creased corners that create an magnificent look! The area on the bottom where the tureen sits is 3 1/2" around. This tray has a ribbed side edge and GREAT looking patina!!! Back is marked, W. M. Foor Hotel Co. of Pennsylvania, Albert Pick company, Chicago.