The seller of this item on ebay emailed me about this particular item. She said that she purchased it at a small antique hardware store in Canton, NC. When doing research on it, she found my site.

The description she posted on ebay was:

Rare 14" Silver Nickel Silver Soldered WM Foor Hotel Platter This Platter is stamped on the bottom Stolen Froom WM Foor Hotels 03100 Albert Pick & Company of Bridgeport,inc Nickel Silver Silver Soldered 14" The platter is unpolished and just as I found it, very heavy, some scratches from lots of use and diffently a unique peice with a history! I researched the mark on the bottom and found the history and story of WM Foor. I have included the link.

I neglected to 'follow' this auction and therefore do not know the price it sold for.