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1827, Mar 29 - On the 10th inst. The store house of Mr. Jacob GREEN, in Lithopolis, Fairfield county, was consumed by fire, together with a considerable quantity of store goods.  His loss is estimated at from fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars.  The fire originated in the dwelling house of Mr. John RAIRDON, adjoining the store of Mr. GREEN, which together with its contents was entirely consumed.  [The Ohio Repository, Canton, Ohio, March 29, 1827]


1879 - From a description of a newspaper from Lithopolis, Ohio, for sale at in Jan. 2004: Lithopolitan News April 1, 1879 4 pages. C. Smith written on front top in pencil. Cost is 25 cents per year. Front page includes: Poems, April Fools Article, Button Buster Funnies (one of the funnies is about a Fairfield Co. cow that drinks milk and gives water) Page2 includes: Published by George P. KRAMER, Lithopolis, Fairfield County, Ohio Column of local items, one of which states the population of Lithopolis is now 377, Talks about Zell SMIT, Charley BROSSMAN, Eugene COURTRIGHT, Pleasant Grove, The Marshall is sick, the new mill, Geo. CRABS, Squire Wilyum LANE, David FALER, Yonah TRIMMER and Ben MILLER, BROSSMAN's Dry Goods, Ella CLARK, Isreal CROMLEY, Mr. BROWN, Margaret CRABS' death, Soloman LEHMAN's childs death, Dr. COTTON, Page 3: Pleasant grove, Choir Music, Disease treatment, Advertisements by: Roby & Bennets Seeds, Geo. L. Crabs furniture, Herman Peters Gunsmith in Lancaster, Henry Plekenpol Tailor, J.E. COURTRIGHT Furniture, R&B's has crackers 25 cents for 4 pounds. Page4:Ads: J.H. Brossmans Dry Goods, Henrey Plekenpol Tailor, Roby & Bennets Drugs and medicines, John Waltons Buggies Carriages and Wagons, G.L. CRABS Framing, Dr. Downs, Dr. Geo H. ELLIOT, Dr. Alex COTTON, J.E. COURTRIGHT Undertaker Coffins and Caskets and Burial Robes Have 3 Hearses, J. E. Billingsly Dry Goods


1882, Aug 29, p unk. W. L. CLEMENT, Jr., left yesterday for a visit with friends in Lithopolis, Ohio.  Will be absent from Col. ECKHART’s store a few days, and we can not learn his object, though they say he has an idea.  MARION DAILY STAR, Marion, Ohio.


1882, Nov. 22, p 2.  Columbus, Nov. 21 – Fannie CREIGHTON, residing near Lithopolis… was fatally shot with a shotgun at 4 o’clock this afternoon by an unknown person.  She killed her husband 5 years ago.   FORT WAYNE DAILY GAZETTE, Fort Wayne, Ohio.


1883, Jan. 5 - Sale of Unclaimed Freight from Baltimore & Ohio Railroad will be sold at public auction in Newark. A. BLACKWOOD, Lithopolis, O, had "one casting" listed. [Daily Advocate, Newark, OH]


1883, Aug. 17 - Mr. Nicholas CAMPBELL, of Lithopolis, O., who has been visiting Mr. Vincent STARE, of this city, returned home today.[Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH]


1885, Jan 28, p unk.  Sunday night at Lithopolis an attempt was made by human ghouls to enter the mortuary in Sand Hill cemetery, evidently for the purpose of obtaining the body of William HOMRIGHOUSE, interred the same day.  They succeeded in forcing the outer door, which is built of two thicknesses of stout plank, lined with galvanized iron, but failed to produce any impression on the intter one, constructed of case-hardened iron.  There wre four more bodies in the vault at the time, but it is supposed the ghouls wished the body spoken of, as his disease was one that local physicians could give no satisfactory diagnosis of.  MARION DAILY STAR, Marion, Ohio.


1885, Jun 6, p unk.  “Millions of locusts have made their appearance near the villages of Amanda, Carroll and Greencastle”.  MARION DAILY STAR, Marion, Ohio.


1887, Aug. 20, p unk.  [B.?]. L. LECHLITER, of Lithopolis, O., is the guest of W. [B.?] and George CLEMENT.  MARION DAILY STAR, Marion, Ohio


1888, Sept. 12 - Recorder HILLIARD has gone to Lithopolis, Fairfield County, Ohio, to attend the funeral of his nephew. [Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio]


1894, Aug 11, p [3?] “Chilton’s Enjoyable Encampment”, Pleasant Weather, Fine Sermons, and Big Crowds.  A Methodist Protestant camp-meeting at Chilton’s began Friday … Among those listed as attending was Miss Nettie DILL, Lithopolis, O.  DENTON JOURNAL, Denton, MD.


1895, Jan 2, p 1– Lithopolis, O: An accident with fatal results occurred at the home of George NOTHSTINE leave near here, when a 2 ½ year old child pulled a tub of boiling hot water from off a stool, spilling the contents over its person, scalding it frightfully from it’s head to hips.  MARION DAILY STAR, Marion, Ohio


1900, Jan 11 - Mr. and Mrs. John RHINIER of Lithopolis, O., are visiting Mrs. William Ward, on Leith street, and other relatives. [Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, Indiana]


1902, Dec 17, p 3 – Lancaster, O: Mrs. Charles WHEELER was murdered at Lithopolis last night.  Her body was discovered this morning and her husband is placed under arrst.  A heavey guard surrounds the lock-up at that place, where great excitement prevails and lynching is threatened.  WHEELER is a well known Columbus pump manufacturer and recently sued his wife for divorce.  MARION DAILY STAR, Marion, Ohio.  Dec. 18th, p 2:  Columbus, Ohio – The body of Mrs. Charles WHEELER was found in a well near Lithopolis, O., and her husband placed under arrest.  The discovery was made on the farm of WHEELER by detectives who had been employed by relatives of the woman to ascertain her whereabouts.  She had been missing for almost a week.  Dec. 23rd, p 2,  Lancaster, O - Coroner … finds that Mrs. WHEELER came to her death by violence at the hands of one Charles W. WHEELER, her husband.  The report of the postmortem examination made by Dr. BROWN of Carroll and Dr. COURTRIGHT of Lithopolis says that the cause of her death was a fracture to the skill.


1909, Sep 10, p 4; Prof. & Mrs. KINNER left Thurs. for their new home. Their household goods were shipped Thurs. partly from Coshocton and partly from W. Lafayette via Pennsy lines to Lithopolis where a new 7-room house awaits them. Prof. Kinner will take up his duties as superintendent and Miss Kinner as principal of the high school Sept. 13th at that place. [Coshocton Daily Times, Coshocton, Ohio]


1910, Oct 17 - Prof. and Mrs. Jesse KINNER have been having a view days vacation which they spent with friends and relatives in Plainfield and Fresno. They attended to business affairs in Coshocton and shook hands with many of their friends at the fair on Friday. Returned to their Lithopolis home Sunday. [Coshocton Daily Age, Coshocton, OH]


1910, Dec. 29, p 6 -  Mr. and Mrs. John C. CARROLL of Columbus, and Mrs. Clarence MORRIS and children of Lithopolis, spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs W. S. WINTERS.  MARION DAILY STAR, Marion, Ohio.


1911, May 9, p 2 – Columbus, O, May 9 – Rev. C. J. FORSYTHE, 52, alleged to have been caught by the local police in a raid on a resort, was formally discharged as pastor at a meeting of the trustees of the Presbyterian churches of Groveport, Lithopolis, Greencastle and Marion.  MARION DAILY STAR, Marion, Ohio.


1915, Jan 8, p [4?]  Missing Since Last April is Samuel LEHMAN, formerly of Lithopolis.  Mr. and Mrs. J. S. LEHMAN of Lithopolis are advertising for their son Samuel LEHMAN who has been missing from his home in Columbus since last April.  His parents are very anxious to learn of his whereabouts. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Jan  30, classified page, J. M. GLICK of Bloom twp. was elected as the director of one of 5 townships to the Fairfield County Agricultural Society. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Feb. 2nd, p [7?], The will of Dr. George S. COURTRIGHT, late of the village of Lithopolis was probated Tuesday.  He gives to his wife Cornelia COURTRIGHT all moneys and all notes, book accounts, household goods, provisions, one horse, one buggy and harness, one ew[e] and all corn and hay on hand.  He gives to his wife all property in the village of Lithopolis, lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 43, 44, and 45, also the rentals of all land in sections 9, 16, 17 in Bloom twp., during her natural life and after her death to go to his son, Jesse S. COUTRIGHT or his heirs…. He gives to his wife and to his son all stock, and literary and medical libraries, instruments, medicines, etc.  He gives to his son the farm of 130 acres, the home farm, and the form of 89 acres, the Davis farm in Walnut twp., Pickaway county, he or his heirs paying to his wife $299 per year and her board payable annually during her life time, they to keep up all repairs, paying taxes and insurance.  He admonishes his son to see to it that his wife does not come to want and to see that she has a comfortable home while she lives.  He appoints his son as executor without bond. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Mar 15, p [5?] – Attorney T. T. COURTRIGHT and family motored to Greencastle on Sunday and visited at the former home of Mr. COURTRIGHT. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Mar 16th, p [7?], Garage Notes:  Buick touring cars were sold to…Bert MIESSE of Bloom township. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Mar 25 – p 6 – Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BEHRENS were Saturday and Sunday visitors with their son Harry and wife at Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Apr 22 – “Mrs. Margaret SWENKE” of Greencastle is listed among those who attended the funeral of the late ex-county commissioner Henry W. GEHRETT held in Stoutsville. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Apr 24, p 1 – Jurors Drawn: The following names to serve as jurors in the case of the State of Ohio against Milton KIGER in the Juvenile court in which the defendant is charged with contributing to the delinquency of Norbit GETZ, a minor:  … Wm. M. BARNHART, Bloom Twp. (Juror).  Land Sales – Farms and lots that have changed ownership in the Fairfield County Recorders Books:  Salem E. HELLER, executor, to David C. HELLER, 25 acres, Bloom twp., $3,245. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Apr 28, p unk.  Rev. E. M. ANNESHANSLY, Rev. Dr. LOUCHS, Attorney Charles F. MILLER and Miss Irene HENGST and Ada MARTENS motored last evening to the Salem Reformed church near Lithopolis, where Rev. ANNESHANSLY is holding rededicatory services…[LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Apr 30, p [3?] – Rev. Earl ANESHENSLEY of Lithopolis spent yesterday in the city, the guest of friends. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, May  15, p 7: Marriage License; Richard BOYD, machinist of Canal Winchester, and Miss Grace OYLER of Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, May 17, p  7. The tower of the Methodist church at Lithopolis was struck by lightning Sunday morning at 1 o’clock and shortly after the night operator telephone girl observed the church tower burning and telephoned the alarm to the citizens who soon got out and fought the flames, succeeding in quenching the flames but not until the tower had been burned down, and a part of the cornice of the main building.  $300 damage; fully insured. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1915, Jun 5, p 3.  Mr. Noel MOREHART spent Sunday in Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1922 - Sep. 23 - Lithopolis Still Same Old Town of O.Henry Fame. Lithopolis, Ohio - Lithopolians of O. Henry fame, characters upon whome he loved to dwell in facetious manner, are no more, but it has the same "business district", the same four churches and its stone quarry remotely resembling an industry. You will look in van for Lithopolis in the railroad time tables, but the paling fences on Columbus, South and Main Streets do not bar neighborly conversation. The village's scenic atmosphere has changed but little in the years that have passed since O. Henry's "Letters to Lithopolis" were inspired in 190[5?]. The recipient of these ltters was Miss Mabel Wagnalls, whose mother, Mrs. Hester Wagnalls and grandmother, Mrs. Mary Willis, are buried in the beautiful little cemetery 'on the hill on the road out of town'. Miss Wagnall's father, at one time a Lutheran minister is the senior member of the publishing firm that bears his name. Miss Wagnall's is now Mrs. Richard JONES, of New York, Alta JUNGKURTH, the 'tombstone lady', is in Columbus. The WILLIS homestead, where Mabel Wagnalls visited, has burned down adn the Lutheran church which adjoined it, is building a parsonage on its site. The drug store is still operated by L. S. BENNETT and 'indulges in literature on the side'. The butcher and barber shops still grace the 'business district' and the postoffice remains the social center of the town. One objection is voiced over the statement in the preface of the letters by Lithopolis people--that written by Mabel Wagnalls saying 'a new house is never added. Rather than do this people leave the town, or die--it is cheaper'. Lithopolis people are proud of their town for its stimulus to the imagination of a genius--even for so brief a period--and they are proud of their former townspeople that so became noted. They live here because they love the town, the declare; the graveyard on the hill is held in [--]reverent esteem, and they tell you that when they die, no matter where, they'd like to be buried in Lithopolis.


1924, Sep 5, p 15.  New  York, Sept. 4 – Arrangements are being made for burial at Lithopolis, Ohio, of Adam Willis WAGNALLS, one of the founders and president of the publishing firm of FUNK & WAGNALLS, who died last night at the Northport NY home of his daughter, Mrs. Mabel Wagnall JONES.  WASHINGTON POST, Washington, D.C.


1924, Nov. 25, p 1; Columbus, O - … Mrs. Addie SHEATSLEY, whose partially cremated body was found in the church parsonage furnace, was normal on the day of her death, was learned today at Lithopolis [Ohio].  Prosecutor King quited Mrs. REDELFELS, wife of the Lithopolis Lutheran pastor, who called at the SHEATSLEY home last Wednesday. WAUKESHA DAILY FREEMAN, Waukesha, WI.


1924, Nov 26, p 1: Mrs. Addie SHEATSLEY, 50y, was found in the Christ Evangelical Lutheran parsonage (Bexley, Ohio?) furnace, Nov. 17.  Husband is Rev. C. V. SHEATSLEY; ch Milton 20y, Clarence 16, Elizabeth 14, Alice 10.  Mrs. Gladys REDELFS, wife of the pastor of the Lutheran Church of Lithopolis, was interviewed as she was the last to see her alive. INDIANAPOLIS STAR, Indianapolis, IN.


1925, May 25, p 8.  Dedication of the WAGNALLS Memorial Library in Lithopolis on the afternoon of May 30 is to include an address by Edward MARKHAM, well-known poet.  The memorial honors the memory of the late Adam Willis WAGNALLS, who was a member of the FUNK & WAGNALLS Publishing Co., NY, and was built by his daughter, Mrs. Mabel WAGNALLS JONES.  CHRONICLE TELEGRAPH, Elyria, Ohio.


1926, Jan 12,  p 1:  Paul BARNHART of near Lithopolis is at Grant Hospital, Columbus recovering from injuries received a week ago when a circular saw fell on his left leg cutting away part of the knee cap and shin bone. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, Jan 15, p 6: LITHOPOLIS: Mrs. Mary McLAIN of Magnetic Springs, O., is the guest of her sister, Mrs. George R. WEISER.  Mr. Monroy HOY of Gardner, NY is making an extended visit with his daughter, Mrs. W. H. WEEKS and family.  Mrs. Louise BENTZ of Columbus is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. STEVENSON.  Mr. and Mrs. Harry RANDLEs entertained the following guests on Thursday evening, Jan. 7th: C. R. RANDLES, George RANDLES, Mrs. L. DECIONS, all of Columbus; Mrs. A. M. HAYEs of Minneapolis, Misses Rosa and Barbara ROTHFUS, Mrs. H. L. COMPTON and Lewis ROTHFUS.  A delightful surprise was tendered Miss Iretha MILLER thurday evening, Jan 7th, in honor of her 18th birthday.  Harry BEHRENS and family of Columbus have taken up their residence in the Wm. OYLER property just north of town. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, April 2nd - p 11:  LITHOPOLIS:  Mrs. Ella BENNETT  saw, Indiana, who was summoned by the death of her brother, H. C. COURTRIGHT, is the guest of her sister Mrs. J. L. STALLSMITH.   Mrs. R. A. CLINE and son Donald of Fostors are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thurman LISLE.  Mrs. Oren BAKER spent several days of last week with her mother at Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  Miss Bertha SMITH, student nurse of Radium Hospital, Columbus, is convalescing at the home of her parents, J. H. SMITH and wife.  Carl ZANGMASTER, student at O.S.U. spent vacation week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. ZANGMASTER.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank HALE and son and Mr. and Mrs. S. H. KING of Lancaster were Sunday guests of  [??] W. POLING and family.  Miss Felonise WEISER attended the funeral of Louis Holmes FULLER at Rushville, Saturday and spent Sunday with her parents, Geo. R. WEISER and wife.  "The Purple Lantern," will be formerly opened Saturday evening, April 3, Miss Pauline FOOR, proprietress. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, April 7, p 1 – “Local Dry Squad Confiscates Sedan 31 Gals. Alcohol”, A new Nash sedan carrying thirty-one gallons of grain alcohol was confiscated last evening when the local dry squad, comprising deputy sheriffs and city police, raided the Bloom township farm of William GREEN.  The officers had been tipped off that a delivery of liquor was to be made at the farm and were hiding in the barn when the sedan drove up… William GREEN, resident of the raided farm, was arrested for the possession of six gallons of blackberry and sherry wine and alleged to have been on the premises. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, April 7, p 6 – LEGAL NOTICE, Barthenias BEERY, Elizabeth COURTRIGHT and Jesse COURTRIGHT and all the unknown heirs of Barthenias BEERY, Elizabeth COURTRIGHT and Jesse COURTRIGHT and Pearl ____, whose last name and place of residence are unknown, will take notice that on the 9th day of March, 1926, Austen RUNKLE and Elizabeth RUNKLE filed their petition in  the Court of Common Pleas…against the above named parties praying that the title of the said Austen RUNKLE and Elizabeth RUNKLE to the following described real estate, to wit: situated in … Bloom twp., NE quarter of section 31, township 14, range 20… being the same premises devises to Samantha GRIFFITH by her grandfather, John COURTRIGHT, Sr., deceased, by will dated Oct. 25th, 1860 and recorded in … V 5 p 281-282, be quieted against them for equitable relief.  Said parties are required to answer said petition on or before April 19th or judgment will be rendered accordingly.  Austin RUNKLE and Elizabeth RUNKLE, by G. C. RAVER, their attorney. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, April 26, p 1: Lack of Funds Causes Early Closing of Schools in Twp Fairfield County Townships.  Failure of school levies blamed for enforced discontinuance.  Bloom township schools closed last Friday, two weeks in advance of the regular date for the expiration of their 8 month term.  Ten teachers are employed in the seven 1-room and 3-room schools of Bloom twp., which includes Lithopolis and Greenfield.  A 2 mill levy was defeated last fall. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, May 26, p 2 - Bloom township teachers are Mascal HAYNES at Lockville, Hazel WILLIAMSON, Greencastle; Ivan HUMMEL, Salem, Viola HEISTER, Big Five; Clara HILLIDAY and Hazel HICKLE at Lithopolis, J. C. BYERS at Jefferson and Ray SHULTZ at Wesley Chapel. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, Jul 20, p  unk.  Mrs. Fanny DRAKE, Rockbridge, Ohio, and Mr. and Mrs. George W. POLLING and daughter, Mrs. Florence BIDDLE and granddaughter Virginia, of Lithopolis, were Sunday guests of William DRAKE of Cleveland Street.  CHRONICAL TELEGRAM, Elyria, Ohio


1926, Aug 16, p 3. Mr. and Mrs. George WEISER of Lithopolis held a dinner at Graybill's Cold Spring Inn the affair being arranged in celebration of the 9th wedding anniversary of their dau., Mrs. I. E. JONES and Dr. JONES. Present were Mr. and Mrs. WEISER, Dr. and Mrs. I. E. JONES (Blanche WEISER), and dau. Virginia of Toledo, and Mrs. P[olth?] STEVENSON of Columbus. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, Aug 17, p 2: Granted marriage license: Douglas WILLIAMS, 60, farmer, of Lithopolis, and Edith BISHOP, 43, of Lithopolis.  Page 3 “Personals” – Dr. and Mrs. I. E. JONES and daughter of Toledo are visiting Mrs. Jones’ parents Mr. And Mrs. Geo. WEISER of Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926,  Aug 26, p 2.  Democratic Central Committee members of Bloom twp: Ivan HUMMEL, Chas. E. BEERY, Raleigh KISTLER. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, Aug 26, p 3: Harold HOY, Greencastle, is on a list of thirty “prominent people of Fairfield Co., who, by the purchase of a piano have stepped within this wonderful circle of music” advertisement. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, Oct  8, p 1: Final Summons Claim J. W. MORRIS.  Funeral services over the remains of J. W. Morris, were conducted Thursday at the home of a sister, Mrs. Inez FISSEL at 225 Clinton Heights Avenue, Columbus and the body was laid to rest in Betzer Cemetery near Carroll.  Mr. MORRIS passed away Tuesday morning, October 5th at the home of Mrs. FISSEL at the age of 52 years.  He is survived by two daughters Mrs. Ella MOON of Gary, IN, Mrs. Selma PETERSON of South Bend, IN, two brothers, Amos R. of Ann Harbor [sic], MI, and C. M. Merrie of Miami, FL, also two sisters, Miss Hattie E. MORRIS of Toledo, and Mrs. FISSEL of Columbus.  Mr. Morris’ home was in Bloom township near Carroll. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, Dec 17, p 14. Delegates Elected to Assembly of State Teachers; Miss Viola HEISTER of Bloom Twp. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, Dec 22, p 8: Classifieds: “Want to buy some good breeding ewes.  Call Harley V. FALER, Lithopolis, OH”. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1926, Dec 26, p 1: “Aged Woman Answers Call”, The death of Mrs. Nelson BROOKS 82, occurred Tuesday 9 pm at the home of her son John BROOKS of Lithopolis.  Demise was due to infirmity.  Besides John another son, Frank of Basil and a daughter Mrs. Ann LEINDECKER of Lithopolis survive.  Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.  WEISER and KISTLER of Lithopolis morticians in charge. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, May 2, p 8: Application for the probate of the last will and testament of the late Peter DOTSON of Bloom township has been filed in probate court.  The hearing for the same June 15th. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, June 7, p 6: Classifieds: Want shoats and fresh cows, also heavy springers.  Call Harley V. FALER, Lithopolis, Ohio. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, June 17, p 6: Sheriff’s Sale #16883, Lottie WELLS vs. Edward CUPP, et. al. … the same premises conveyed to O. M. CUPP by Charles H. BOWER, Sr., and wife by deed recorded in V 55 p 261, between Delaware and Church Streets in Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, June 22, p 1: “Lithopolis Youth Held as Burglar and Check Forger”, Sad to Have Assumed Name of Fairfield Man Whose Home He Robbed.  Harold FINNEY, 24, of Lithopolis, is under arrest at Columbus and according to officers there, has confessed to the robbery, Wednesday night June 15th of William CONAWAY’S home near Lithopolis and to the forging of CONAWAY’s name to checks which he is alleged to have stolen from the house.  Besides checks checkbook and account books, FINNEY is said to have stolen CONAWAY’s revolver and this led to his downfall when he attempted to pawn it at a Columbus shop. (article is 2 more paragraphs than shown). [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, June 28, p 1: Emmett DENNIS of Lockville was released from county jail when he paid $522.20 which Judge SNIDER had fined him for possessing a still.  Charles CLARK of Lithopolis was taken by Deputy Sheriff BEHRENS to the workhouse at Dayton.  Clark must serve 30 days there for using obscene language in the present [sic] of women. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, June 30, p 1.  Babe Caught In Foot of Bed is Strangled.  3 Months Old Bloom twp. Infant Meets Tragic Death.  The tragic death of Donavin MOREHART, three months old child of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. MOREHART of Bloom township occurred at nine o’clock this morning as the result of strangulation, when the little one was found caught in the foot of the bed hanging by his head.  According to Coroner William ECK, the mother upon arising in the upstairs bedroom had placed the little one, still asleep, upon the parents’ bed, feeling that it would be cooler.  The predicament of the child was not discovered until later by the mother, but life was then extinct.  It is said that the child had rolled over and become wedged between the mattress and the foot of the bed.  The coroner’s verdict was “accidental strangulation.”  The little one is survived by the parents, two brothers, Harold and Lewis and one sister, Frances, of the home.  Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2:00 at the home with Rev. M. V. B. STUMP officiating and burial will be made at the Lithopolis cemetery by J. V. HALTEMAN, mortician. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, July 1, p 1: Paralysis is Cause of Death, Mr. John PEER, 69 of Greencastle died last night following an illness of six weeks due to paralysis.  The funeral will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. from the home.  Burial will be from the home.  Burial will be made at Lithopolis Cemetery with WEISER and KISTLER, undertakers.  The deceased is survived by his wife, Mrs. Carrie PEER, one daughter, Mrs. Riley KISTLER of Lithopolis, and one son, Dr. Walter PEER of Columbus.  Rev. ROYER of Canal Winchester will officiate at the funeral services. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, Jul 5, p 1 “Psuedo-Sheriff Ends in Cell he Promised Parker – Meets Nemesis in Real Deputy at Lithopolis Sunday Night.  John STORTS of near Lithopolis is in the county jail charged with drunken driving and impersonating an officer. John, it is alleged, incurred delusions of grandeur after imbibing too freely Sunday night, and drove up to a marked machine in Lithopolis, informing the young couple seated within that it was unlawful to be thus parked…  (John’s companion was Herbert FOOR)  All paragraphs in story not included here. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, Jul 6,  p 1 – John STORTS, 23, of near Lithopolis, pleaded guilty last evening to operating his auto while intoxicated, and waived trial by jury.  A half dozen or more other charges… were held in obeyance.  Herbert FOOR, 18, STORT’s companion, was fined $5 and costs for drunkenness. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, July 9, p 1 – Sheriff’s sale – Sheriff McNAGHTEN sold to Wm. MITCHELL of Lithopolis for $1100 a Lithopolis property appraised at $1530.  The property is located on Columbus St. (Lithopolis) and was brought up for sale today noon in the case of Lottie WELLS vs. Edward CUPP. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, July 13, p 2: Funeral Home for Amanda: Thurman LISLE of Lithopolis and his son-in-law, George W. KLINE of Fostoria, have purchased the hardware store and residence of Pearl DICKSON of Amanda.  Mr. LISLE expects to take possession about Nov. 1st and will open an undertaking establishment in connection with the hardware store. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 2, p 1: Retired Farmer Dies Suddenly, James BISHOP, 76, a retired farmer living two miles south of Lithopolis, died very suddenly last evening at the supper table, his demise being due to a heart attack.  Besides the wife the deceased is survived by one son, Jacob of Detroit, three daughters, Mrs. A. M. CRUMLEY of Amanda, Mrs. C. V. GILL of Chicago, and Miss Catherine of the home.  Funeral services will be held Thursday 2 p.m. from the Lithopolis Lutheran Church with interment in the Lithopolis Cemetery.  Page 2: The undersigned will offer for sale at public auction, at the late residence of Peter DOTSON, deceased, in Bloom twp… personal property of Peter DOTSON, deceased, consisting in part of cattle, hogs, grain, farm implements and sundry articles.  Will E. SITTERLY and W. Harry PETERS, executors. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 5, p 9.  Jno. BISHOP Buried.  Funeral and burial services for John D. BISHOP, farmer of near Lithopolis, were held yesterday afternoon.  Mr. BISHOP, who was 74 years old, had been a resident of that vicinity most all of his life, and was born on the farm where he died Monday evening.  Death came without warning, just after he finished his evening meal.  Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. E. E. BRIDEWESER, pastor of the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church at Lithopolis.  Mr. BISHOP had been an active member of the church for more than 40 years.  Besides his widow, he is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Maud CRUMLEY of Amanda, Mrs. Ocavia GILL of Chicago, and Miss Katherine BISHOP who lived at home with her parents, a son, Jacob E. BISHOP of Detroit, three sisters and a brother, and two grandchildren. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 6, p 1: Bloom Twp. Board of education has established a high school in Lithopolis and employed Earl JONES of Canal Winchester as teacher.  The requirements of a third grade or two-year high school will be met and a room for the estimated enrollment of 35 will be provided in the Lithopolis school building.  Heretofore Bloom township pupils of high school age have attended either Lancaster High, Amanda High School, Carroll High School or Canal Winchester High School. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 12, p 12:  GREENCASTLE:  Mrs. George SWANK has just returned from a trip to Niagara  Falls and other points of interest.  She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Ora Bell and family of Columbus, O.  Mrs. Conrad MOREHART and son Omer and family of Alva, OK, have been visiting relatives here the past two weeks.  Mr. Harry WEISER and family of Houston, TX, have been spending the month of August with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. WEISER.  Mrs. Ella FOOR and family of Indiana are visiting her sister, Mrs. Chas. WEISER.  Mr. Thomas MARKWOOD motored to Lancaster Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Wm. COFMAN spent last Wednesday with Mrs. A. E. BAILEY.  John SHOFF and Geo. R. HEDRICK spent Saturday morning in Columbus, O.  Mr. Wilbur REIGLE and family of Cedar Hill visited R. R. RUBLE and family Sunday afternoon.  Atty. T. T.  COURTRIGHT has made several business valls in our neighborhood lately.  Rev. WOLTZ, our new minister, expects to be with us soon.  Miss Myrtle COURTRIGHT just ended a pleasant two weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. John PHELPS and family at Sabina, O. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 13, p 7.  Legal Notice #14959 David A. CUSH as assignee for benefit of creditors of Henton M. WAITES, Plaintiff vs. Henton M. WAITES, Mary F. WAITES…defendants, public auction of real estate being in Bloom twp., west half of section 33, #14, Range 20… said premises are same premises conveyed to George M. HEISTER by warranty deed of record in deed book 51, p 282-283…and by said HEISTER conveyed to Geo. W. CLYDER by deed…[LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 17, p 1.  J. M. GLICK Passes Away – End Comes Suddenly to One of Best Known Farm Men in Fairfield County.  Mr. J. M. GLICK, 62, one of the most prominent stock dealers in Fairfield County, passed away at an early hour this morning in his Bloom township home.  Demise is said to have resulted from peritonitis, following an attack of acute indigestion.  The deceased, who had been ailing for the past two weeks was seized with an unusually severe attack last Monday at a Columbus packing company office, became very ill and was brought back to his home.  Besides the wife, Mr. GLICK is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Frank BUSBY, of the home and Mrs. Powell BOYER of Dallas, TX.  There are also four grandchildren, two brothers, Charles of Bloom twp., and George of Gallatin, TN, and two sisters, Mary GLICK of Canal Winchester and Mrs. George SHULTZ of Lawrence, KS.  Funeral services will be held Saturday 2 p.m. from the late home with burial in Lithopolis cemetery by WEISER and KISTLER, Lithopolis undertakers.  For 20 years Mr. GLICK was a member of the Fairfield County Fair Board, serving two years as its president.  His death leaves a vacancy on the board of trustees of the Children’s Home. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 22, p 1.  Thousand Attended J. M. GLICK Funeral – it was estimated that a thousand were in attendance Saturday at the funeral of J. M. GLIC, prominent Fairfield County stock dealer, who died Wed. at his home in Bloom twp.  The Revs. Lambert REDELFS, of Obetz Junction, C. A. RHIEL of Portsmouth and E. BRIDEWEISER of Lithopolis, conducted the funeral services which were held at the home.  Pall bearers were W. E. SITTERLY, Alva OYLER, Samuel BEERY, W. K. LAMB, A. M. SMITH, A. H. RUNKLE, Boyd SOPE and Arley HUSTON.  Interment was made in the Lithopolis Cemetery. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 23, p 3.  Sunday Dinner.  Mr. And Mrs. William BOWEN of Lithopolis entertained with a chicken dinner Sunday in honor of the latter’s mother Mrs. James DUDDLESON, who celebrated her 63 birthday anniversary.  [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927,  August 26, p 1.  Marriage License: Robert A. IRWIN, electrician, Columbus and Dorothy May TROUT, of Lithopolis.  Rev. White. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1927, August 29, p 3.  Aged Man at End of Journey.  Stephen Gorsage STANSBERRY, (age not readable) died Sunday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wert LAMB of south of Carroll.  Besides this daughter, another daughter, Mrs. PUGH, of E. 6th Avenue, Lancaster survives as well as one son, John STANSBERRY of Carroll.  Funeral services will be held Tuesday 2 p.m. from Wesley Chapel and burial will be made in adjoining cemetery, by R. E. KISTLER, Lithopolis, funeral director. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Jan 2, p 3.  Lithopolis Girl to Wed January 14th.  Miss Weiser Felonise [sic] daughter of Mr. And Mrs. George R. WEISER Lithopolis, Ohio, has chosen January 14 for her marriage to Mr. Charles William CHAPPELEAR of Dayton, Ohio.  The marriage will take place at the home of the bride-elect’s parents.  Miss WEISER who is a graduate of Miami university and a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority, has been an English teacher in the New Lexington and Cleveland High Schools since her graduation.  Mr. CHAPPELEAR, who is the son of Mr. And Mrs. C. C. CHAPPELEAR of New Lexington was a former student of Ohio Wesleyan and Ohio State universities and is now a special agent with the London Lancastershire Fire Insurance company at Dayton where the couple will make their home. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Jan 17, p 8:  Wanted – Butcher cows, fat or thin.  Call Harley V. FALER, Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Jan 18, p 2: Rev. L. S. FULLER of Rushville, officiated at a very prominent noon wedding the contracting parties being Miss Felonise WEISER teacher of Lithopolis and Mr. Charley CHAPPELEAR, Insurance Agent of Dayton.  The full ring ceremony being used.  The wedding party were dinner guests at the Deshler Hotel at Columbus, O. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, January 25, p 6:  Seeks Peace Bond.  LeRoy ZAAYER of Lithopolis has filed an affidavit against his neighbors Chester and Martha MOREHART charging them with disturbing the peace.  ZAAYER states that he fears that they will assault and beat him and attempt to kill his domestic animals.  The case has been set for trial in F. W. BORSTLER’s court for Feb. 2nd. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Feb. 9th The following  county schools have reported 100 percent attendance for January, Thelma SCHOONOVER, Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, February 18, p 1: Pioneer Farmer Passes Away – E. P. ROLLER, 87, pioneer farmer of the vicinity of Greencastle died at his home Sunday morning at 6:30 o’clock following a three week’s illness.  The deceased is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Carrie PEER, of the home and four sons, Charles and Thomas of Greencastle, Edward of Lithopolis, and John of Columbus.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at two o’clock from Greencastle Presbyterian Church and burial will be made in Lithopolis Cemetery, by WEISER and KISTLER, morticians. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Feb 18 , p 2.   An advertisement for an auto sales co. “Smith-Overland” at 135 West Chestnut Street shows an associate dealer, “John KLAMOTH, Lithopolis”. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Feb 25, p 1.  Mayor of Lithopolis Moves to Columbus.  A. M. CREAGLOW mayor of Lithopolis and former Lancaster real estate man, who recently bought the Jesse HELLER property at Lithopolis has sold the inn to a Columbus man and the CREAGLOW family is moving to Columbus.  While in business here Mr. CREAGLOW had his offices located in the Fountain Square block now demolished. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Feb 28, p Marriage Licenses: Edward C. MINCH, laborer of Groveport and Margaret Leona SMITH of Lithopolis.  Rev. BRIDEWEISER. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Mar 1, p 10: Application has been filed to probate the will of the late E. P. ROLLER of Bloom twp. Hearing of the same on March 19th at 10 a.m. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Mar 2, p 1.  Mrs. Frank KING, aged 59 years died suddenly Thursday morning about 10 o’clock at her home in Lithopolis.  Mrs. King’s death is due to an attack of acute indigestion from which she suffered only one hour.  She leaves her husband, two sons, Marshall KING of Carroll, Edwin KING of Canal Winchester, four daughters, Mrs. Lela HEMPLEMAN and Mrs. Florence CARPENTER of Pickerington, Mrs. Hazel FOOR of Canal Winchester and Mrs. Edna PERRY of Sandusky, her aged mother, Mrs. Mary JACKS, who made her home with her, one sister; Mrs. Dora THRASH of Canal Winchester and one brother, A. G. JACKS of Lancaster and 10 grandchildren.  One sister, Mrs. Maggie MASON, preceded her in death.  Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 1:30 at the Lithopolis Methodist church with Rev. George HUGHES officiating.  Interment will be made in the Lithopolis cemetery by Chester M. THOMEN, Carroll mortician. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Mar 2, p 2: Dies at Lithopolis: Harry RANDLES, aged 42, of Lithopolis, died Wednesday following a four weeks’ illness.  He is survived by his widow, three sons, Frank, Floyd and Lloyd, his parents, Mr. And Mrs. J. C. RANDLES of Coshocton; a sister, Mrs. Pamela BINNING and Mrs. Nora BIBLE of Coshocton; two brothers, Ward and Wilbert RANDLES of Cleveland.  Funeral will be held Sunday at 1 p.m. from the Lithopolis M. E. Church with burial in Lithopolis Cemetery, WEISER and KISTLER, morticians. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Apr 5, p [4?] – Sheriff’s sale #10055, Lucy McMANUS vs. Harvey H. BOWERS, et. al.  Lithopolis property, lot 188, being the same lot conveyed by Harry L. COMPTON and wife to Harvey H. BOWERS by deed dated and recorded May 17, 1928, Book 144 p 481.  Improved with a 2 story frame house of 5 rooms and located on the north-east side of Church Street and bounded by Columbus Street, Delaware Street and unplatted territory.  Appraised at $650. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, May 24, p 5:  … rumors that the friends of Attorney Will K. MARTIN and Will SITTERLY of Bloom township would be pleased if they would make a try for the Republican nomination but so far neither have declared themselves as candidates. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Jun 20, p 10: Visits Old Home County – Veteran John STALLSMITH, formerly of Lithopolis where he was a correspondent of the Eagle but for years a resident of the Soldiers Home at Sandusky, attended the G. A. R. encampment several days this week.  He is still looking well at the age of 83 and greatly enjoyed his visit to his old home county. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Aug. 20 - James REED of near Greencastle arrested for possessing articles for the manufacture of liquor. [Lancaster Daily Eagle, Lancaster, Ohio, p 1]


1928, Aug 22 - G.O.P. committeemen: A. A. COFMAN, Greencastle precinct; none for Lithopolis precinct; J. L. STOODY for Lithopolis village precinct. Democractic committeemen: Ivan HUMMEL, Greencastle precinct; Harry R. REESE, Lithopolis precinct; Raleigh KISTLER, Lithopolis Village precinct. [Lancaster Daily Eagle, Lancaster, Ohio, p 10]


1928, Sep. 6 - Mr. Charles ROLLER and son, Russell of Greencastle, Mr. John KISTLER and Don COHAGAN of Carroll left for Indian Lake, Wisc. for 2-week fishing trip. [Lancaster Daily Eagle, Lancaster, Ohio, p 3]


1928, Oct 5, p 2.  Mrs. Roy SNIDER and family of Charleston, WV are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph BURKE of Lithopolis.  Page 3: Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss THRASH of West Fair avenue were host and hostess at a delicious six o’clock dinner Thursday evening with Dr. and Mrs. E. B. ROLLER and Mr. and Mrs. George WEISER of Lithopolis as their guests. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Oct 15, p 3.  Lithopolis Girl Marries Columbus Man – In St. John’s Lutheran church Lithopolis, Sunday morning at 10:30 Miss Thelma Gertrude KLAMFOTH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. KLAMFOTH, of Lithopolis, was united in marriage to Mr. Harold W. PETERS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer PETERS, 506 So. Champion Ave., Columbus.  The bride was attended by three sisters, the Misses Josephine and Christine KLAMFOTH, twins, as junior bridesmaids and Miss Pauline KLAMFOTH as maid of honor.  Two other sisters furnished the musical program, Mrs. George STUMP (Leona KLAMFOTH) played the wedding march and Miss Theora KLAMFOTH sang.  Mr. Edwin METZGAR served as best man and Mr. Elmo KLAMFOTH, brother of the bride and Mr. Howard PETERS the bridegrooms brother as ushers. [description of dress]. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Nov 7 p 2: Lithopolis Man and Son Hurt in Car Crash.  F. M. CARPENTER of Lithopolis and son Herman CARPENTER of Groveport were severely injured when their auto skidded and turned over a twenty-foot embankment at the northwest corner of Big Walnut bridge on the Groveport pike, near Humbolt Country club.  The younger man received a broken right leg between the ankle and knee and the older man received cuts and bruises.  The injured men were removed to Grant Hospital Columbus for treatment.  Recently the car driven by F. M. CARPENTER was struck by a north bound Scioto Valley traction car at Canal Winchester and was completely destroyed.  At this time, he escaped uninjured. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Nov 14, p 5. Fairfield Mother Dead in Childbirth Buried – Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon for Mrs. Clara FARRAND SALLEE, 39, of near Lithopolis, who died Sunday at Grant Hospital Columbus, following the birth of a son.  Burial was made in Lithopolis cemetery.  Besides the husband, Ray SALLEE there survive the infant son, Ralph, the mother, Mrs. Hettie WARD of Columbus; one sister, Mrs. Henry HERMAN of Edgewater Park; three brothers, Walter, Harvey and Hobert FARRAND, all of Columbus. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Nov 14, p 1: Fairfield County Pastor Sues for $50,000.  Rev. GILFILLIN and Friend Accused of Exchanging Wifes.  Rev. Grover C. GILFILLEN, pastor of the Wesley Chapel Methodist Church in Bloom township today instituted three suits in Common Pleas court against three different persons for damages totaling $50,000 for alleged slander.  [abstracted].  Supposedly an aftermath arising from the case of B. F. TIPTON against Rev. Grover GILFILLEN in which the latter is charged with moving church furniture and fixtures unlawfully. Case still pending.  The first suit the minister filed was against Cora MCDONALD who on about Oct. 1 falsely stated that he had stolen property out of the church.  2nd case is also against Cora MCDONALD whom he charges that on Oct. 26th she stated that he took the property from the church without any right.  In another petition filed by the pastor, against James MASON, claiming Mason on Oct. 5th at the general store in Royalton stated that “Rev. GILFILLIN has taken Mrs. Lottie HEISTER and Elmer HESITER has taken Mrs. Grace GILFILLEN and that they have gone about together in this way and in fact have been whoring around”, and that MASON, on Oct. 15th, stated GILFILLEN “has stolen all the furniture from the Wesley Chapel M. E. Church and that if he did not mean to steal it he would not have gone there after night to get it, and that the pastor sold it so he could get his salary”.  In a 3rd case, against Oscar KIGER, the pastor states that KIGER on the 15th of Oct. at the General Merchandise store owned by C. F. HUMMEL said that “Rev. GILFILLEN broke up three churches and landed in jail in Franklin county for doing this”. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1928, Nov 28, p 1: “Tracts Transferred by School Board” – the 15 acre tract belonging to Roy R. RUBLE of Greencastle was transferred from Bloom township to Franklin County for school purposes. [LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1929, Jan. 5 - Asks $10,000 for Loss Of Affections. Charging her husband was enticed away from her, Mrs. Millie KEHLER, wife of a Lithopolis restaurant owner, has filed a $10,000 alienations of affections suit here against Mary E. CLARK. The petition alleges that Miss CLARK became KEHLER's business partner on Jan. 1, 1928, and that the couple subseuqently went to Carey, O., where they remained three days. [Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, Oh., Jan. 5, 1929]


1929, Jan 9, p 4: – Mrs. Olaf SMITH of Lithopolis spent several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin WHITE of Grove City.  Page 5: Mrs. C. W. CHAPPALER of Dayton spent several days of last week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. George WEISER of Lithopolis.  Mr. and Mrs. C. A. SCHAEFER and daughter Joan and Mr. Phillip MOULTON and Miss Lawrence, all of Columbus were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank BAKER of Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Jan. 12, p 4 – Jacob HOY late of Bloom twp., left a $7420 estate an[d] inventory filed in probate court. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Jan 22,  p 7 – Legal Notice: John W. HOUMEL, whose place of residence is unknown will take notice that on the 17th day of Jan., 1929, Frank HOUMEL filed his petition in the Court of Common Pleas of Fairfield Co., Ohio, in case #17561, against him and the other heirs of William M. HOUMEL, deceased, praying for the partition of the real estate owned by said William M. HOUMEL at the time of his decease, being two acres of land a part of the sw quarter of sec. 36, Bloom twp., #14, Range #20, Fairfield county, Ohio.  Said defendant John W.  HOUMEL is required to answer said petition on or before the 23rd day of March 1929.  SILBAUGH & SILBAUGH Attorneys for Plaintiff. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Jan 26, p 4.  Probate court has appointed E. R. HUMMELL administrator of the estate of Arthur HUMMELL, late of Bloom twp., under $3200 bond.  The estate is valued at $3600. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Feb. 6, p 4: Mrs. J. E. WALKER of Lithopolis was the recent guest of her daughter Albert in Columbus.  Mr. and Mrs. Vernon REDMAN of Columbus were in Lithopolis Sunday and were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William REDMAN.  Mr. and Mrs. Ira KLINGENSMITH and son Robert of Columbus were week end guests of the latter’s mother, Mrs. C. E. WILLIAMS at her home in Lithopolis.  Mrs. J. L. STALLSMITH of Lithopolis left Tues. for an extended visit with her dau. and husband, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. CHURCHILL at their home in Flint, MI. Mrs. Wilmer KRAMER of Lithopolis spent several days as the guest of her mother Mrs. Margaret LANEY in Columbus. Miss Ida EDWARDS of Lithopolis is spending several days with her brother John EDWARDS and wife at their home in Columbus.  Mr. and Mrs. Harry LISK of Lithopolis were week end guests at the home of relatives in Reynoldsburg.  Mr. and Mrs. Leroy SMITH and family of Ashville were over Sunday guests at the L. A. SMITH home in Lithopolis, Ohio. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Feb 9th, p 7 – The farm of Frederick ANDERS, late of Bloom twp., is willed to the widow of the deceased, according to the will admitted to probate today.  The son Henry ANDERS is to manage the farm.  An estate valued at $3199.84 was left by Arthur HUMMEL, late of Bloom Twp., an inventory filed in probate court by E. R. HUMMEL shows. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Feb 18, p 4 – Chester OYLER, Lithopolis, has been liberated from the county jail under $500 pending further investigation of his case.  He is charged with non-support according to authorities. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Feb. 27, p 4 - Mr. and Mrs. John FOOR (Hazel KRAMER) of Lithopolis, have moved to Johnstown where they have one to housekeeping on a farm.  Page 7: The Lithopolis orchestra will broadcast a program over WAIU Columbus, Thursday evening. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, April 11, p 12 - Mrs. Edith WILLIAMS, 45, Lithopolis, was cut and bruised when the auto in which she was riding, driven by her husband E. D. WILLIAMS, collided with a truck. Page 4 - Mrs. Mabel STEVENSON of Lithopolis was entertained Tues. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. PATTERSON of Columbus, the occasion marking the birthdays of Mrs. PATTERSON and Mrs. STEVENSON.


1929, Apr 15, p 1. Judge SHELL decides Wesley Chapel Case in Favor of TIPTON.  Decision in the B. F. TIPTON vs. Rev. Grover C. GILFILLEN, Wesley Chapel case tried in common please court several days ago was given today by Judge Brooks E. SHELL. By this decision the congregation is enabled to continue using the church.  GILFILLEN was charged with removing property from the church, including the Bible, stove, carpets, etc., ostensibly to sell; padlocking the church and thus preventing it from being used last July 1st… it was further decreed that the defendants Rev. Grover GILFILLEN, Alva HICKS and W. S. BROWN, shall within 10 days replace in the Wesley Chapel Church in Bloom twp. All the property removed from the church and pay the costs in the case amounting to $133.83.  Tipton was represented by Atty. T. T. COURTRIGHT. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, April 24, p 7 – Mrs. George VORSE, 77, died this morning at 4 o’clock at her home east of Carroll, following a paralytic stroke suffered last Sunday.  Surviving are the husband George VORSE; two sons, Charles DENNISON of Lancaster, Homer DENNISON near Carroll; one daughter, Mrs. Frank COFFMAN, Carroll; four brothers, Jacob and Samuel LOY, near Carroll, Mahlon and William LOY of Lancaster; one sister, Mrs. Sarah SPENCER, Laurelville.  Funeral services will be conducted from the Betzer church Friday afternoon at 1:30 with Rev. Azbell officiating.  Burial will be made in the adjoining cemetery.  Chester THOMAN will be the director in charge. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Mar 2nd p 1 – Democrats Meet Friday – The Fairfield Co., Democratic club will host its regular monthly meeting at the club room… program talent will be from Bloom township with Thomas ROLLER and Roy SHULTZ in charge. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Mar 12th p 2: Glick Estate: Bertha G. GLICK has been appointed administratrix of the estate of Clarence E. GLICK of Bloom Twp., under $1000 bond.  The estate is valued at $3500. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, March 27th, p 4 -  Mr. and Mrs. George CRAWFORD of Fostoria were guests of Rev. and Mrs. R. H. WOLTZ at their home in Lithopolis several days of last week. Page 5: Miss Orhea BOWMAN of Lithopolis is spending the week with Mr. Leroy SMITH and family of Ashville. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Apr. 2nd  p 7:  BENNETT Estate; Probate court has appointed Della E. Bennett administratrix of the estate of La Roy S. BENNETT late of Bloom twp., under $5000 bond.  The estate is valued at $9000. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Apr 4th, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. SMITH of Lithopolis were Sunday guests of their son, Mr. Leroy SMITH and family of Ashville, OH.  Mr. and Mrs. George R. WEISER and Mr. and Mrs. N. H. CHAPPELEAR of Lithopolis spent the past weekend as house guests of Dr. and Mrs. JONES of Toledo, Ohio.  Miss Irene HERB of Cleveland spent Easter with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles HERB of Lithopolis.  Page 7: LITHOPOLIS NOTES: Mr. and Mrs. A. GEESE of Dublin [Ohio] were recent guests of A. FOOR and family.  Mrs. Margaret LANEY and son William, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray BLACKSTONE of Columbus were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer CRAMER.  Mrs. Ira KLINGENSMITH and son Robert of Columbus were Easter guests of C. E. WILLIAMS and family. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Apr 11th, p 4 -  Mr. J. W. MILLER and family of Lithopolis are home from a weekend visit with relatives at Point Pleasant, WV. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Apr 17th, p 10: Sheriff’s Sale #17585 Charles W. GLICK vs. Monroe HARTMAN, et. al…. south half of the west half of the sw quarter of section 17, township 14, range 20, Bloom township, containing 41 acres, more or less, being the same premises conveyed to the said Israel HARTMAN, deceased, by Manasseh GLICK as the executor of the last will and testament of Enoch SPANGLER, deceased by deed dated Apr 4, 1892 and recorded in V 72 p 20.  Page 4: Mrs. W. H. CHAPPALEAR of Dayton was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. WEISER at their home in Bloom township last week and with her mother attended the Music Convention in Columbus. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, Apr 23rd, p 4 -  Mrs. Fredericka SCHNEIDER of Lithopolis visited in Columbus for several days with Mr. William MILLER and family. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, May 7th, p 4.  Mr. and Mrs. C. A. SHAEFFER and daughter Joan of Columbus were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank BAKER at their home in Lithopolis.  Mrs. R. H. WOLTZ and daughter Mary of Lithopolis are spending the week with the former’s parents Mr. and Mrs. J. C. CRAWFORD at their home in Fostoria, Ohio. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, May 9,   p 4. Public worship and preaching Wesley Chapel Methodist church, Bloom Twp., Sunday afternoon May 12th.  Service 2 pm a cordial invitation is extended to friends of the church to this Mother’s Day service.  M. V. E. STUMP, Minister. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1929, May 14th, p 4.  Mr. and Mrs. R. M. FISSEL, Misses Dorothy and Master Ray FISSEL of Galena, Ohio, were guests Sunday last of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. FISSEL at Lithopolis.  Mrs. Herbert MAULIER of Lancaster will present her class of piano pupils, Tuesday, May 14th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alva REID, in Lithopolis. [LANCASTER DAILY GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio]


1934, May 4th - Joseph ALEXANDER, 70, colored, fell dead while digging postholes near his home, south of Lithopolis, on the farm of the STUMP sisters. He leaves no near relatives. [The Newark Advocate, Newark, Ohio p 5]


1934, May 26th -Albert L. HEDRICK, Lithopolis, was found guilty of breaking and entering a dwelling by a jury in common pleas court. [The Newark Advocate, Newark, Ohio, p 2]


1936, March 12. LITHOPOLIS: Mrs. Cleo OYLER of Cleveland and Mrs. Eldon ROWE of Worthington spent Thursday with Mrs. Rowe's sister Mrs. John SCHLIECH. Henry Wilson has purchased the Edwin WALKER property and will move there soon. Mrs. George LERCH and children Geraldine and Robert spent the week in Columbus. Mrs. Gale WHALEY is visiting at the home of her parents in Lancaster. Mr. George WEISER who has been a patient at Grant Hospital since Dec. was removed to his home Tuesday. William BOWEN Jr. has returned home after spending several weeks in Springfield. Mrs. Ashbury STRUCKMAN who is at the White Cross Hospital, Columbus, is expected to be brought home this week. Floyd and Loyd RANDLES of Lithopolis won first prize at Greencastle's Jitney Supper and Amateur hour. Mrs. Wilmar KRAMER and Mrs. Georgia WERNERT spent Wed. in Columbus. [Lancaster Eagle Gazette, Lancaster, Ohio, p 11]


1936, March 18 - LITHOPOLIS. Miss Anna BECK has moved in the home with Mr. and Mrs. LISLE. Mrs. Ashury STRUCKMAN is much improved at this writing. Mrs. Martin SMITH was called to Lancaster Monday by the illness of her dau., Mrs. BLOSSER, a patient at Lancaster Hosp. M/M Arden WERNERT and dau. Geraldine spent Sunday in Circleville. [Lancaster Daily Gazette, Lancaster, Ohio, p 12.]


1936, March 24 - Realty Transfers: Calvin W. WEISER to Amos W. PHILLIPS, Greencastle; John H. WHITE and wife to William CONWAY, Bloom twp. [Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Lancaster, Ohio]


1936, March 27 - LITHOPOLIS: Mrs. L. S. BENNETT and sister Miss Gusta WILSON entertained Ladies Aid. Mrs. Frank BAKER broke her arm in a fall last week. M/M Edw. SPARKMAN returned to their home last week after spending winter in FL. Mrs. Vere THOMAS returned home Sunday after spending a week with M/M Arden WERNERT. Mrs. Wilber STEBELTON was taken to Grant Hosp. Monday. Mrs. Alva REID and dau. Agnes, and Lucille WEEKS, Columbus, visited Mrs. Chas. MILLER Sunday. Mrs. Gale WHALEY and Mrs. Ralph LAW are receiving applications for talent. M/M Gale WHALEY spent Sunday in Lancaster. Mrs. Kate BOWERS who has been quite ill is better at this writing. Lithopolis PTA met Thur. There was a picture show of Dr. E. B. ROLLER's vacation trip last summer. M/M Don GEORGE moved to the ZWAYER property. [Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Lancaster, Ohio, p 11]


1936, Apr 15 - LITHOPOLIS - Mrs. Effie STROHM of Pickerington was the weekend guest of Mrs. Cecil JUDY. Mrs. Geo. R. WEISER is spending several weeks with her dau. Mrs. Elmer Jones of Toledo. Mrs. Callie SALLEE and dau. Edith WILSON of Columbs were guests of Mrs. Minnie FALER. M/M Thomas DEAN are spending the week with Pearl COMPTON and daus. of Royalton. M/M Ora VORHIS of Brice, M/M Arthur GIBSON and family of Columbus were guests of Mrs. Rosa RAINEY. [Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Lancaster, OH, p 14]


1936, Apr 21, Real Estate transfers: Minnie C. GRAHAM to Ralph MERCHANT, Lithopolis. [Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Lancaster, Ohio, p 2]


1936, Apr 24 - LITHOPOLIS; M/M A. P. FREDERICKSON of Sidney, IA, are guests of M/M Charles HERB. M/M Monroe SMITH and du. Ruth of Toronto, O, spent Easter with Mrs. Pella SMITH. M/M Wm. VEELEY of Col., were weekend guests of M/M Edward SPARKMAN. Grover BAKER of Pittsburgh, PA was a guest of M/M Frank BAKER. Nancy YOUNG, dau. of M/M John WILSON, is being treated at Radium Hosp., Columbus, for incipient spinal meningitis.


1938, Jul 6 - COLUMBUS - residents of Lithopolis were grateful to other fire departments for saving the business diestrict from flames which destroyed half a dozen large barns and small buildings, Mayor Paul Kistler estimated damage at $2000. [The Zanesville Signal, Zanesville, OH, p 2]


1936, May 2, p 8. Columbus, O: Horace and Harold WEAVER, 21-year-old Lithopolis twins, who have been educated together at Capital University here, simultaneously assumed pastorates in Methodist parishes. Harold became supply pastor of McKendree church in Columbus, while Horace became pastor of the Lithopolis Church. CHRONICAL TELEGRAM, Elyria, Ohio.


1939, Feb 18 - LANCASTER - Thomas Dean, 78, of Lithopolis, died last night from injuries suffered when an auto struck him Sunday. [The Zanesville Signal, Zanesville, OH]


1940, Nov. 2 - Posse Seek Rape Bandit. All-night search fails to locate man wanted at Lancaster. An all-night search proved futile in an effort to locate an unidentified colored man who raped and robbed a 26-year-old woman of a farm family near Lithopolis. A posse of 75 men and boys was unable to trace the bandit after a half-mile automobile ride he allegedly hitch-hiked with Harry STEVENSON, Lithopolis. STEVENSON reported that the man, who said he was going hunting when he let him out of the car yesterday afternoon, was carrying a 12-gauge double-barreled shotgun and a claw-hammer. Both weapons had been stolen from the farm home, where a child's penny bank was looted after the woman had been attacked in a barn in the presence of her 3-year-old son. The victim who was reported in a nervous condition told authorities that the bandit first asked for some gasoline at the home and later attacked her when she went to feed the chickens. A revolver which the man carried was used to threaten the son's life. [Mansfield News Journal, Mansfield, OH]

1941, May 5, p 10.  Mrs. Alydia DUTTON FISSELL, 63, wife of Fred FISSELL, died of a cerebral hemorrhage Sunday at her home west of Edison.  Surviving are the children of her first marriage… Miss Lucille COX of Lithopolis.


1944, Mar 12, p 10.  Word has been received of the death, in Spokane, of Minerva HINKLEY COURTWRIGHT, 89.  She was born in Lithopolis, Ohio, and came to Montana in 1886 with her husband, Albert COURTWRIGHT, a freighter on a Billings-Lewistown trail.  Mrs. COURTWRIGHT moved to White Sulpher Springs in 1901 and her daughters, Edith COURTWRIGHT PINJERD of St. Joseph, MO, and Mrs. Grace DAHKLE of Spokane were educated in local schools. 



1946, Dec 18, p 5 - Mr. and Mrs. Paul FUNK Jr. and daughter Judith Diane of Lithopolis were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul FUNK of Warsaw. [COSHOCTON TRIBUNE, Coshocton, Ohio]


1946, Dec 29, p 4. Mr. and Mrs. Paul FUNK of Warsaw enjoyed a family dinner Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. Paul FUNK, Jr., of Lithopolis.  COSHOCTON TRIBUNE, Coshocton, Ohio.


1947, Feb 19, p 1 – Columbus, O: Feb. 18 – A gunshot would suffered during a fox hunt in Pickaway county was fatal last night to Forest William SMITH of Lithopolis.  His rifle discharged when he attempted to climb upon a stump.  TIMES RECORDER, Zanesville, Ohio.


1948, Jul 22, p 12.   New York – Lithopolis, population 288, will get $2,500,000  from the estate of Mrs. Mabel WAGNALLS JONES, writer, pianist, and daughter of a founder of the FUNK and WAGNALLS publishing firm.  The money will be used in the Wagnalls memorial building at Lithopolis, built in 1925 by Mrs. Jones, and for scholarships in colleges, music and art schools.  Lithopolis, 15 miles s.e. of Columbus, is mainly a farming and feed mill center.  DIXON EVENING TELEGRAPH, Dixon, Illinois


1948, Aug 7 – The RANDEL-GREER reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ward RANDEL, Coshocton.  Among the list of those who attended were Frank RANDEL, Lithopolis, and Miss Georgia RANFUSS, Lithopolis.  COSHOCTON TRIBUNE, Coshocton, Ohio.


1953, Feb 27, p [8B?] William M. CORDRAY is listed as the motor vehicle deputy registrar for Lithopolis, Fairfield Co., Ohio.  TIMES RECORDER, Zanesville, Ohio.


1953, Aug 27, p 6.  Listed as attending the BRANDT family reunion, held at Mr. and Mrs. Charles BRANDT’s home in Bremen, were Mr. and Mrs. Frederick SHOLL and children of Lithopolis. TIMES RECORDER, Zanesville, Ohio.


1954, Aug 8, p  18.  Mr. and Mrs. Howard SOT announce the engagement of dau. Geraldine to Orville BAUGHMAN of Zanesville.  Geraldin is a graduate of Canal Winchester H.S.  Wedding will be March 20th in Lithopolis Methodist church.  TIMES RECORDER, Zanesville, Ohio.


1956, Apr 7, p 7.  Lithopolis, O: James RICHARDSON, 11, was swept to his death Thursday when he fell into an intake on a drainage sewer while playing in the rain-flooded streets at this Hocking County town (NOTE: Lithopolis is in Fairfield county).  COSHOCTON TRIBUNE, Coshocton, Ohio.


1957, Jul 11, p 11B.  DENNIS family holds family reunion at McCuneville.  Those present were… Mr. and Mrs. Robert HIGH and children Jimmy, Donna, and Susan of Lithopolis.  TIMES RECORDER, Zanesville, Ohio.


1957, Oct 3 - LANCASTER, Mrs. Mary CLARDY, 22, and 5y dau. Darlene died in their house-trailer home today at Lithopolis. Husband William CLARDY was at work in Canal Winchester. Neighbor Robert LERCH was awakaned by the crackling flames at 5:30 a.m.


1958 - Jul 17 - Lithopolis Churches Given Organs by Philanthropist. Several months ago a newpspaper article appeared stating that Claud Foster, a phiilanthropist of Cleveland, following a serious illness had decided to give 700 electronic organs to small country churches which did not have an organ and were unable to purchase one. Members of the LIthopolis Presbyterian, as well as Greencastle Presbyterian and the Church of the Nazarene in Lithopolis made application for one of these organs. Applications were made by Richard ELLSWORTH for the Presbyterian churches, and Rev. Lloyd GRIMM for the Church of the Nazarene. All were accepted. The Thomas organs would be delivered in time for next Sunday's services. [Lancaster Eagle-Gazette]


1958 - Nov. 17 - Cecil J. QUEENS, 42, Lithopolis, killed when an excavation caved in while he was working on a construction project. [Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, OH, p 2]


1959 - May; William RIDENOUR, minister of the Lithopolis and Greencastle Presbyterian Churches will give the memorial address at the Lithopolis Cemetery for Memorial Day. [Lancaster Eagle Gazette, Lancaster, Oh, May 20, 1959]

1959, Sep 5 - "Twenty Years Ago" M/M Dwight HEISTER, Greencastle, announced the birth of a son, their second child, in Grant Hosp., Sep. 4. [Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Lancaster, OH]


[1962, Mar 1, p 13 – Albert M. LEYNDECKER, engineman second class, USN, son of Mrs. Lula M. LEYNDECKER, Lithopolis, is serving aboard the tank landing ship USS Wahkiakum County, a unit of the Atlantic Fleet Amphibious Force, head-quartered at Norfolk, VA…  Page 6: Leonard “Hoppy” SNYDER, Lithopolis farmer, was in Grant Hospital critically injured after being attacked and gored by an angry bull in the bar at the Allen SLADE farm.  He suffered fractured ribs and a punctured lung. [LANCASTER EAGLE GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1962, Mar 2nd, p 6 – Sherman WILSON is listed as the pastor for the Presbyterian church in Greencastle. [LANCASTER EAGLE GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1962, Mar 5, p 6 - Rufus HEDRICK 76y, died at his home in Greencastle.  He left his wife and three children. [LANCASTER EAGLE GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1962, July 6, p 17. - 7 Lithopolis Girl Scouts enjoyed a week at Camp Echo; Barbara BRAUN, Debra BALE, Jane FALER, Brenda HEDGES, Louise ZWAYER, Sandra PEIRANO and Barbara RANDLES.


1962, Mar 9 – Births: Mr. and Mrs. James WHIPPS, Lithopolis, daughter March 8, Lancaster-Fairfield Hospital. [LANCASTER EAGLE GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio.]


1962, August - Installation of Robert G. MILLER as pastor of both the Lithopolis and Greencastle Presbyterian Chruches is planned Sunday at 7:30 in the Greencastle Church. Formal dedication of the American Legion Home at Lithopolis is set for Sunday, Sept. 9 at 2 p.m. Post Commander Gale WHALEY. [Lancaster Eagle Gazette, Lancaster, Ohio, August 29, 1962]


1963, Jan 16 - Weddings - The Lithopolis-Greencastle churches were the scenes of two lovely weddings. Miss Carolyn KELLEY and Same FETTY Jr. were married Wednesday in Greencastle Presbyterian, on Sautrday Miss Marilyn SMITH and Gary RIPLEY at the Lithopolis Church [Eagle-Gazette, Lancaster, Ohio, Jan. 16, 1963]

1963, Jan 30, p 4 - The general store at Greencastle changed hands.  Mr. and Mrs. George PATRICK purchased the store from Mr. and Mrs. Loring LEIST.  The PATRICKs were moving into the apartment connected with the store.  The LEISTs established their home in Groveport. [LANCASTER EAGLE GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio.]

1963, Aug. 19. Accused of Arson. Lancaster (UPI). Fred H. WIRTH, 23, of Lithopolis in Fairfield County, was charged with arson in connection with an Aug. 10 fired at a Lithopolis residence. [Mansfield News Journal, Mansfield, OH].


1963, Oct 20 – Clem R. FOWLER, 84, died.  Born Nov 26, 1878, s/o Robert and Rebecca.  Among survivors listed was son Robert FOWLER of Lithopolis.  TIMES RECORDER, Zanesville, Ohio.


1968, Apr. 10 - Lithopolis listed as a community required to put in a new sewage treatment plant. [Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, OH, p 35]


1968 - Apr 18 - An 89 year-old-doctor who works from a wheelchair was beaten and robbied in his office in Lithopolis yesterday. Dr. Edward B. ROLLER reported in fair condition. Dr. works from wheelchair because of leg amputation. 2 Columbus men arrested. [Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, Ohio]


1968, Jul 30, p 9B:  Lancaster, Ohio – Sheriff Jack BLAZER had been tipped off that there would be an attempt to engineer a jail break to free two Columbus men,  Fred GRAMBO, 59, and William GALLAGHER, 35, who are accused of slaying Lithopolis physician Edward ROLLER last April 17.  TIMES RECORDER, Zanesville, Ohio.


1969, Dec 2,  p 8A:  Fred W. EBERT, of McCluney, died at Valley View Nursing Home in Lithopolis following a long illness.  Born 3 Nov 1884 Morgan Co., s/o James Milton and Anna E. BROWN EBERT.  Wife Faye LEAR EBERT died 1950.  Survivors listed include Mrs. Alice EBERT SMITH of Lithopolis.  TIMES RECORDER, Zanesville, Ohio.


1972, 8 Apr - Rev. Thomas E. REHL  will be installed as pastor of St. John Lutheran Church at Lithopolis at 10 a.m. Sunday.  The son of Mr. And Mrs. Lloyd REHL of  Marion-Waldo Road, Rev. REHL …  He returns to his home state from Rosemont, Illinois.  Rev. and Mrs. Rehl have three children. THE MARION STAR, Marion, Ohio, April 8, 1972, p 2


1973, Feb. 14, p unk. Mrs. Alva M. REID, Lithopolis, is announced the engagement of her dau. Nancy to Randall L. SOLT, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd SOLT of Canal Winchester. LANCASTER EAGLE GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio.


1973, Jun 19, p 7. Francis L. MARTZ age 90 d Tuesday at Grant Hosp., Columbus.  Surviving are one dau., Mrs. C. W. CLOWE, Lancaster, with whom he made his home; two sons, Marion W., MARTZ of Ft. Wayne, IN, and J. Eugene MARTZ of Johnsboro, Ark; 9 grandch, 19 g-grandch; four gg-granch.  Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Thurs., burial in Betzer Cemetery.  LANCASTER EAGLE GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio, June 19, 1973.


1973, Dec 13, p 4. A group of cosmetic distributors held their annual Christmas party Dec. 8 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon (Mary) METCALF, Lithopolis.  LANCASTER EAGLE-GAZETTE, Lancaster, Ohio


1975, Jul. 12 - Rev. & Mrs. Geoffrey B. (Sharon R.) OSWALD moved here in late June from Lithopolis, OH. They have one dau., Heidi Adelle, 8 months. Mr. OSWALD is associate minister of youth at First United Methodist Church. [Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, Ohio, p 7]

2003, Aug. 5, Tues., Three pop machines at Bay's IGA, 11435 Lithopolis Rd., Lithopolis, were vandalized. All machines were damaged. [Lancaster Eagle Gazette, Lancaster, OH]

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