This item was sold on ebay in May of 2005. The seller was Candice Milne who gave me permission to use the photos on the website.

The seller's description of the item was: "This is a vintage Hotel silver small serving tray possibly for a gravy boat of teapot. This was used in a fine hotel. The back mark reads: Wm Foor Hotel Co. of Penn. Albert Pick & Company of Bridgeport, Inc. Nickel Silver, Silver soldered. Measures 8 1/4: length and 5 1/2" wide. This tray as a edge to base which is why I feel something would have been served on this tray. In good condition, some slight wear to silver. I also have other pieces with the same mark up for auction. "

The item's starting bid was $9.99. After two bids, it sold for $12.51.