Entering Your Own Information
FOOR Genealogy Database: Submitting FOOR Information

This database and website has been a joy to many people. Over the years thousands and thousands of people have stopped by for numerous reasons:

They're searching for their roots
They were just wandering the internet and decided to search on their surname and found the site
They were told about it from someone else
They found the link to Foor Genealogy from another site
They were doing a college research project
They were searching for lost alumni for an upcoming class reunion
They've been here already, but stop by again and again to see what updates have been made
They knew of the site and wanted to share it with their relatives
They were searching on the keywords "Floor Coverings" and misspelled "Floor" and ended up here (Yep, it's happened many times!)
They wanted to add their own FOOR information
They wanted to know if they had any living relatives, as their family had lost touch generations ago

After you've searched the database, please submit your information, corrections, and additions by using one of the two options shown below. Every little tidbit helps! Perhaps you have the marriage date of someone, and you notice it's not in the database. Please don't assume it's such a "small detail" that it's not worthy of sending in. EVERY tidbit is important! Without the information sent in by people such as yourself, this database would not be what it is today.


      EMAIL ME at foorgenealogy@yahoo.com please let me know how you fit into the Foor surname, such as "My mother was the daughter of Ricky and Lucy (Barnes) Ricardo". If you have quite a bit of information to send in, you may want to use some of the abbreviations shown below.
        b = born
        m = married
        mar = married
        d = died
        bap = baptised
        pob = place of birth (township, city, state)
        pod = place of death (township, city, state)
        pom = place of marriage (Church or court, township, city, state)
        bur = buried
        s/o = son of
        d/o = daughter of
        abt = about (such as "b abt 1910" if you're unsure of date)

Thank you for submitting your information or corrections! Without you, this site wouldn't be nearly as informative and interesting. Thanks, in advance, for your time and info and helping preserve the FOOR heritage.

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