photo submitted by Mike Pickels photo submitted by Mike Pickels, July 2004
These two photos were submitted by Mike Pickels with the following description: Shelly, attached are a couple of pics of the pitcher/sugar/creamer. The finish is a hammered nickel-silver so the O'Henry inscription on the side does not show well in the pics. The pitcher & sugar are inscribed on the bottom: O. Henry Hotel, Greensboro, NC; the pitcher has 1004 stamped and the sugar has 1006 which I guess are room numbers. Made by Albert Pick & Company, E.H.H. Smith's Silver Soldered, nickel silver, Chicago. The creamer is inscribed a little different: Albert Pick & Company, stamped 1002, then O'Henry Hotel Greensboro, NC underneath. My wife's grandfather was Emmett E. Robinson. Among the hotels with which he was associated are the Ponce de Leon (Miami); the Charlotte, (Charlotte); the Francis Marion (Charleston) and the o.Henry. He later managed the Keystone hotel (Knott-operated) in Pittsburgh. He also was in the research department of the Knott Hotels Co., and previously was with the Southeastern Hotels Corporation.