This tray was for sale on ebay by Mary Deaton of Asheville, NC. The description listed was: "This item is a tray. It measures 8 inches by 5 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches. It is old and has lots of character. The bottom reads 'Stolen from Wm. Foor Hotels 0175 Albert Pick & Company of Bridgeport, Ind.'. Nickel silver silver soldered 6 in. It is quite battered from use, that just adds a little charm to it.". When asking Mary for permission to use the photo, she graciously sent me some additional photos and said that she found the tray at a church benefit sale in Asheville.

Although no photo was submitted, Susan Graves wrote me about a piece she had in May 2004. "I have enjoyed viewing your website, which I found when researching the history of a piece of cookware I purchased a few years ago in Georgetown, SC. The item I have is a small cooking pot, possibly used for drawn butter for room service. The handle and pot are heavy; the handle is hollow. On the bottom of the pot is the following: 'Stolen from Wm. Foor Hotels 04574' with additional smaller writing apparently identifying the pot's maker. I can make out only 'nickel silver', 'silver soldered' and it may say 'Bert Pick & Company' along with the number 802". Sounds very similar to the silver platter Mary Deaton sold on ebay.