Silver Tureen - 12 ounce

Bidding started at $10. After 7 bids with 6 different bidders, it sold on October 19th, 2009 for $43.44.

Photos displayed with permission. Most of the description of the item was taken from this website (for 'background' info). Additional info was: The shape of this tureen is outstanding, with its undulating curves, reverse flutes and elegant, almost scalloped looking "waist" . The condition is superb, with lovely silvering in and out, only the usual hotel ware nicks and scratches; few blemishes to the silver inside; it sits firmly on the table, the handles and knob are securely attached and the lid fits either direction. It measures about 7-3/4" handle-to-handle, 4-1/4" high and theh opening is about 5" x 3-1/4". This is a very nice size - 12 oz is marked on the underside.