Some Descendants of Thomas Whitzel

The following was sent to me 30 Jan 2001 by Rebecca Stuckey and placed on the "Genealogy in Bloom Township, Fairfield Co., OH" website at

The following article was discovered with the Stuckey family papers. I, [Rebecca Stuckey], know neither the identity of the author nor date of the article. Nonetheless, the article should be useful to anyone researching for the names therein.

The article was copied as it was originally written with the exception that the names of those who may still be living were removed. No attempt was made to correct spelling or grammatical errors. Information not in the original article was added in parentheses.


Name corrections (that I am aware of):

Zephania should be Zephaniah

Affy should be Effie

Nickolas should be Nicholas

Additional information:

Effie E. Whitzel-Stuckey died in 1921

Rebecca Stuckey [Jan 2001]


"Thomas Whitzel, with his father, mother and three brothers and seven sisters came from Pennsylvania, in 1818, and settled near Greencastle, Ohio. One of his sons’, Zephania Whitzel was the Grandfather and Great Grandfather of this group. On March 31, 1844, he married Jane Beatty and to this union were born three children, Affy E. Whitzel, John A. Whitzel, and Mary Viola Whitzel, all of whom have departed this life. Affy E. Whitzel was married March, 1866 to Nickolas Stuckey and to this union were born nine children three of whom have departed this life. The six surviving children are all present today with their families or a part of the family. John A. Whitzel was married January 11, 1872 to Mary Courtright, and to this union were born six daughters, three of whom have passed from this life. Mary C. Whitzel died in the fall of 1885. In the fall of 1887 he married Ella Vought. To this union three children were born, one dying in infancy.

Mary Viola Whitzel was married April 19, 1874 to Felix Courtright. Four Children were born to this union, two of whom precedes their parents to the life eternal.

The living decendants today are: - Nickolas Stuckey,

W.H. Stuckey (William Henry - son of Nicholas Stuckey & Effie E. Whitzel), wife (Hattie Louise Zimmerman), and three children ___, ___, ___ (the son of Mary Mae Stuckey-Ropp – adopted by William and Hattie, and two adopted daughters – the Fuller sisters).

Alma Alspaugh (daughter of Nicholas Stuckey & Effie E. Whitzel), husband (Samuel Alspaugh), four children ___, ___, ___, ___(two sons and two daughters), and a son-in-law ___.

Mrs. Drue Hartman (daughter of Nicholas Stuckey & Effie E. Whitzel), son ___, daughter-in-law ___, two grand children ___ and ___ (two boys).

Jennie Smith (daughter of Nicholas Stuckey & Effie E. Whitzel), husband (William Austin Smith) and one son.

Z. W. Stuckey (Zephaniah Wood - son of Nicholas Stuckey & Effie E. Whitzel), wife (Rose Mary Fleming-Slough the second wife), and five children (two sons and three daughters born to Hattie Faye Ebright-Stuckey, - the first wife) ___, ___, ___, ___, and ___.

(Hattie Faye was the daughter of Nimrod Spurgeon Ebright and Harriet Brandt. She died before this article was written. Rose Mary Fleming-Slough was the adopted daughter of Judge Slough).

Park Stuckey (son of Nicholas Stuckey & Effie E. Whitzel), and wife (Estelle Francisco).

Mrs. Edna Bailey and husband.

Miss Nell Courtright.

Mrs. John Whitzel, four daughters, ___, ___, ___, and ___, one son-in-law, one grandson and one son and one daughter-in-law."

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    STUCKEY, Nicholas - 1840-1932
    STUCKEY, Effie Elizabeth (WHITZEL) 1847-1921
    STUCKEY, Nicholas and wife Effie Elizabeth (WHITZEL) and children

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