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Database updated 7 NOV 2015

Welcome to the Foor Family Genealogy page! This page is devoted entirely to FOOR research. It's a conglomeration of information I've obtained since I first started researching the name in 1981. Typically documentation comes from marriage, birth, death, and cemetery inscriptions, as well as wills, pension records, and more.

When I originally put the database online in 1997, I began encouraging other FOOR descendants to take the opportunity to email me with any additions and corrections. The database has grown from about 5000 to over 35,000 (not all are Foor's or their descendants) as I find more information, and more passer-byers, such as yourself, take the time to include their information as well. The database is constantly updated offline, though online updates have been reduced to once or twice a year. If you are a FOOR or a FOOR descendant, please search the online database to see if you are there, or if the information is correct. To make corrections or additions, email me.

Although many FOORs in this database are from the early lineages based in Bedford County, PA, the vast majority of research are for those lines that began around 1828 in Fairfield and Brown counties of OH. The Ohio lineage is ‘mine’, and in attempts years ago to connect the Ohio lineages – known to be from PA – to the existing PA ones, the Bedford county data was added early on in 1997 when this website was first started. Pre 1900 most of the FOORs who existed in PA remained there, though a couple lineages moved into MI and extreme northwest OH. The lines from Fairfield county expanded there but also moved up into other areas of NW Ohio and other states such as MI, IN, IL, IA, KY, MO, WA, TX, NM, CA. Because my own particular FOOR lineage is the one that comes into Fairfield Co., OH, by 1828, there is quite a bit of documentation on FOORs who descend from the pre-1850 Ohio FOOR's. Also, because I did so much research in Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, I also started a Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, OH site and merged the the two databases together since there was so much overlapping.

Below are several links. If you're having any trouble searching the database, please read Hints on How to Search the Database. Typically, since there are so many FOOR(e)s within this database, it's to your advantage to search on maiden names of wives, grandmothers and aunts by using the Search by Surname feature.

Lastly, I am often asked why I chose “FOOR” to research so much more indepthly than any other branch of my personal lineage. I honestly have no real answer to that. In my endeavor to find the link between my Fairfield Co., Ohio, FOORs to those in PA I had rapidly acquired more FOOR data than I knew what to do with. I found it fascinating to find various links here and there and decided to make the information public for those interested. Whenever I found time to research, I’d end up just doing more on the FOORs rather than all other branches of my lineage. It ended up a single surname study. My own FOOR lineage comes into Fairfield county, Ohio and worms its way up into Henry, Lucas and Wood counties of Ohio where my last FOOR surname existed--my maternal great-grandmother, Emma Mae Foor, wife of Abraham Strayer.

When viewing individuals within the database, you may encounter abbreviations in the 'notes' section that you're not familiar with. Click on the "abbreviations" link, below, for a list of commonly-used abbreviations within this particular database.

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