Births, Deaths and Marriages, Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., OH

Lancaster Gazette abstracts, as published in the "Fairfield Trace", Fairfield County Genealogy Society, Chapter OGS

[Winter 1990 issue]
    October 22, 1847 - Died in Bloom Township on October 13th, Thomas Holmes in his 68th year.

    December 10, 1847 - Married on December 2nd, Dr. Anthony Dennis of Bloomfield and Angeline, daughter of Isaac Koontz, Sr. of Bloom Township.

    April 28, 1848 - Married on April 13th, James T. Boston of Columbus and Emily J. Rickets of Bloom Twp.

    February 2, 1849 - Died in Lithopolis on January 22nd Allison Pinney in his 54th year. He emigrated from Mechanicsburgh, PA to OH. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge. Survived by widow and 6 ch.

    April 13, 1849 - Married on April 5th, William G. Coffman of Hocking Twp. and Zeruah Williamson of Bloom Twp.

    November 23, 1849 - Married at Lithopolis on November 22nd, Jacob Keiffer of Columbia, IN and Maria Jane Fetters.

[Summer 1990 issue]
    28 Jun 1850 - Married on June 15th, Elias Benton Glick and Catherine Oyler both of Lithopolis.

    20 Sep 1850 - Married on Sep 8th, Jacob Swayer and Elizabeth Crites of Bloom Twp.

    December 28, 1849 - Married on Dec 25th, Virgie E. Shaw of Lancaster and Martha R. Pinney of Lithopolis

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