Some Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, Ohio BIRTHS.
NOTE: Most of these were extracted from copies of pages I or someone else had made. The info has been extracted in the event anyone listed is someone you're searching for. HOWEVER, please use it as a guide only. Actual records can be obtained from the Fairfield County probate court. Some of the old copies were very hard to read. If you've made a copy of any births, deaths or marriages, please submit to the website.
Name Date of birth Place of birth Father Mother Resides  
Alspach, Alveda C. 1877 Nov 15. Bloom twp R. W. Alspach Ann M. Peters Bloom Twp.  
Alspach, Chancy 1877 Apr 17 Bloom twp Scott Alspach Mary Osborn Bloom Twp.  
Alspach, David E. 1869 27 Oct Bloom twp John W. Hannah Bloom Twp.  
Alspach, Emela E. 1877 May 11 Bloom twp Paul Alspach Levina Wiser Bloom Twp.  
Alspach, Frank E. 1877 Jul 15 Bloom twp Washington Alspach Sarah E. Decker Bloom Twp.  
Alspach, Gertrude 1877 Jun 10 Bloom twp E. H. Alspach Samantha Courtright Bloom Twp.  
Alspach, Gertrude Ethel 1890 mar 16 Bloom twp Levi R. Alspach Anna E. Smith Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Alspach, Margaret C. 1869 10 Jul Bloom twp Benjamin Catherine Hummell Bloom Twp.  
Alspach, Mark 1889 Oct 14 Bloom twp Wm. S. Alspach Nellie Dildine Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Alspach, Ruth 1892 28 Jan Bloom twp William S. Alspach Nellie J. Dildine Greencastle Precinct  
Alspach, Verento (female) 1877 Jan 12 Bloom twp c. A. Alspach Emma Smaetz Bloom Twp.  
Alspaugh, Cora Ann 1870 30 Sep Bloom twp Paul Alspaugh Levina Weiser Bloom Twp.  
Alspaugh, Zephaniah E. 1871 5 Mar Bloom twp O. M. Alspaugh Chloey M. Courtright Bloom Twp.  
Artz, Vere B. 1891 3 Sep Bloom twp John W. Artz Nina B. Morris Greencastle Precinct  
Ashbrook, Mary 1870 9 Apr Bloom twp B. F. Ashbrook Louisa Ashbrook Bloom Twp.  
Ashbrook, Mary 1870 20 Mar Bloom twp Beryl F. Louisa Bloom Twp.  
Ashbrook, Samuel L. 1877 Oct 16 Bloom twp B. F. Ashbrook Louisa Swope Bloom Twp.  
Azbell, Jennie 1871 8 Jan Bloom twp James Azbel Nilimuth Cave Bloom Twp.  
Bailey, Oril Dwight 1889 Jul 14 Bloom twp Henry C. Bailey Emma Cole Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Bailey, Susan 1889 Mar 7 Bloom twp Solomon Bailey Sarah E. Kiser Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Beatty, Cora A. 1877 Dec 25 Bloom twp A. S. Beatty Isabel Lamb Bloom Twp.  
Becher, John H. 1877 Jul 11 Greencastle illegitimate Eliza Becker Greencastle Precinct  
Bennett, Stephen Ezra 1870 8 Aug Lithopolis Stephen Bennett Alma Short Lithopolis  
Benson, Harry Wilson 1870 5 Oct Bloom twp John Benson Martha Jane Boyer Bloom Twp.  
Billingley, Nela A. 1877 Dec 20 Greencastle James E. Billingley Mary Freshwater Greencastle Precinct  
Blackwood, Hanah 1877 May 18 Lithopolis J. M. Blackwood Anna M. E. Zangmaster Lithopolis  
Bower, Homer 1890 Feb 14 Lithopolis C. H. Bower Emma Taes Lithopolis V5 p 439
Bowers, Hattie Estella 1871 1 Mar Lithopolis Jacob Bowers Mary Keller Bloom Twp.  
Bowman, Delmar P. 1891 22 Nov Bloom twp Abraham Bowman Sarah Wolf Greencastle Precinct  
Boyd, Lucy 1869 14 Aug Bloom twp William Sarah Bloom Twp.  
Boyer, Geo. Elmer 1870 17 Jun Bloom twp Henry Boyer Catherine Hummell Bloom Twp.  
Boyer, Martha 1869 12 Dec Bloom twp Charles Martha Bloom Twp.  
Boyer, Russell B. 1891 11 Dec Bloom twp David G. Boyer Inez L. Brandt Greencastle Precinct  
Bradrick, John Burdeal 1870 27 Oct Lithopolis Thomas Bradrick Cora Acton Lithopolis  
Brandt, Bertha 1871 17 Jan Bloom twp Jesse Brandt Amanda E. Weist Bloom Twp.  
Brandt, Zephna C. 1877 Apr 28 Bloom twp J. C. Brandt Margaret C. Courtright Bloom Twp.  
Braznes, Elijah 1870 10 Feb Bloom twp Irwin Catherine Bloom Twp.  
Brown, Joseph 1877 Jul 30 Lithopolis C. L. Brown S. E. Moser Lithopolis  
Brown, Ruth Evelyn 1889 May 8 Lithopolis Wm. F. Brown Emma L. Schefler Lithopolis V5 p 439
Bunn, Maud U. 1877 May 27 Greencastle Reeb Bunn Mary Wiser Greencastle Precinct  
Carpenter, Roy W. 1889 Aug 26 Bloom twp Francis Carpenter Rachel Carpenter Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Clark, Dora Belle 1870 9 Dec Bloom twp E. B. Clark Mary Hickle Bloom Twp.  
Coffman, Arthur 1870 25 Oct Bloom twp Benjamin Coffman Rebecka Halerman Bloom Twp.  
Cofman, Gertrude 1877 Dec 14 Bloom twp L. Cofman Ellen Asbel Bloom Twp.  
Cormany, Stella May 1899 Jan 10 Bloom twp Oliver Cormany Eliza Settles Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Courtright, Andrew J. F. 1870 23 Oct Bloom twp A. S. Courtright Mary I. Courtright Bloom Twp.  
Courtright, Jacob G. 1889 Jun 27 Bloom twp George B. Courtright Clara E. Fellers Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Courtright, Martha A. 1869 12 Feb Bloom twp Ezra M. Mary Bloom Twp.  
Cramer, William 1877 Jul 13 Lithopolis James Cramer Eliza Kramer Lithopolis  
Crist, Clarence W. 1877 Mar 3 Bloom twp S. P. Crist Sarah A. Kiger Bloom Twp.  
Crone, Ida 1891 13 Sep Bloom twp William F. Crone Ella Hoffman Greencastle Precinct  
Crumley, Legrand 1871 19 Mar Bloom twp A. Crumley Cecilia Baugher Bloom Twp.  
Cupp, Eva --?-- 26 Jul 1882 Bloom twp Oliver Cupp Clara Ellen Bowers   V2 p 77
Cupp, George Earl 24 Feb 1886 Lithopolis Oliver Cupp Clara E. Bowers   V2 p 132
Cupp, James A. 30 Aug 1875 Bloom twp Oliver M. Cupp Clara E. Bowers   V1 p 264
Cupp, Lolla 24 May 1878 Bloom twp Oliver M. Cupp Ellen Bowers   V2 p 3
Cupp, Owen Stanley 24 Aug 1890 Lithopolis Oliver Cupp Clara Ellen Bowers   V3 p 35
Dauterman, Lester P. 1891 24 Jun Greenfield Twp. P. M. Dauterman Katie Woosley Greencastle Precinct  
Delong, Charles E. 1877 Dec 22 Bloom twp Madison Delong Ann Thrush Bloom Twp.  
Dum, George L. 1877 Sep 11 Lithopolis Jesse Dum Melissa Coffman Lithopolis  
Elsa, Mary J. 1877 Jul 4 Bloom twp Creighton Elsey Caroline Hinxley Bloom Twp.  
Elsa, Robert Owens 1871 14 Jan Lithopolis C. R. Elsa Callie Hinkley Lithopolis  
Finney, Lee 1891 13 Nov Bloom twp John Finney Etta Red Greencastle Precinct  
Fissel/Frizzel, John H. 1869 20 Dec Bloom twp Albert Elizabeth Bloom Twp.  
Foor, Adrian L. 1871 11 Mar Bloom twp Solomon Foor Rebecka Foor Bloom Twp.  
Foor, Arlie Maywood 1889 Jul 29 Bloom twp Harley Foor Rebecca Moorehart Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Foor, Chester Seeley 1870 Oct 11 Bloom twp S. Foor Sarah Irvine Canal Winchester  
Foor, Claudia B. 1889 Jul 19 Bloom twp George Foor Emma Hill Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Foor, Emma 1876 Dec 15 Bloom twp Rufus Foor Martha Oyler Bloom Twp.  
Foor, Fanny? 1870 9 Apr Bloom twp William Foor Sarah E. Foor Bloom Twp.  
Foor, Francis 1878 Mar 5 Bloom twp William Foor Sarah Fishpaugh Bloom Twp.  
Foor, Lilla Bell 1871 17 Jan Bloom twp Rufus Foor Martha Foor Bloom Twp.  
Friebely, Maggie Oman 1890 Mar 24 Bloom twp John C. Friebely Eliza Oman Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Name Date of birth Place of birth Father Mother Resides  
Friend, Cora Belle 1877 Jul 18 Franklin Co., Madison Twp. Joseph Friend Pheba Beery Bloom Twp.  
Gadd, Carrie S. 1891 14 Jun Bloom twp Van Gadd Villa E. Diddlesten Greencastle Precinct  
Glass, Emma E. 1891 8 Apr Columbus J. F. Glass Elizabeth Moore Greencastle Precinct  
Graybill, Harry E. 1892 20 Jan Bloom twp Isaac Graybill Ida E. Miller Greencastle Precinct  
Green, Sarah B. 1877 Jun 11 Bloom twp Joseph E. Green Martha J. Fellers Bloom Twp.  
Hartman, Andrew J. 1870 30 Apr Bloom twp William Sarah Bloom Twp.  
Hashor, Nelly 1877 Feb 26 Bloom twp Lafayette Hoshor Martha Clelon Bloom Twp.  
Hedrick, Ralph B. 1892 31 Jan Bloom twp Rufus Hedrick Lucy I. Bebbett Greencastle Precinct  
Heister, Vernon M. 1877 Oct 15 Bloom twp George M. Heister Sarah Scott Bloom Twp.  
Hempleman, Leah J. 1891 2 Sep Bloom Twp Henry Hempleman Florence E. Fellers? Greencastle Precinct  
Hickle, Goldie E. 1889 Jul 14 Bloom twp Monroe Hickle Anna Meeker Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Hickle, Lyman Leroy 1889 Oct 18 Bloom Lyman Hickle Mary C. Camp Bloom V5 p 439
Hilliard, Irre Milton 1889 Jan 21 Lithopolis David C. Hillieard Ricca C. Shultz Lithoo V5 p 439
Hoover, Alvah 1877 Apr 28 Bloom twp Thomas Hoover Mary Williamson Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Hoy, Welton E. 1877 Sep 3 Bloom twp Nathan Hoy Zelda A. Williamson Bloom Twp.  
Hummell, Edith 1891 27 Jun Bloom twp Wesly Hummel Addie Smith Greencastle Precinct  
Hummell, Emma Alice 1870 8 Apr Bloom twp Daniel Margaret Bloom Twp.  
Hummell, Leroy 1891 2 Sep Bloom twp William Hummell Martha Walker Greencastle Precinct  
Hummell, Mary B. 1869 14 Apr Bloom twp Noah H. Ann Bloom Twp.  
Hushy?, A. D. 1869 13 Nov Bloom twp Lafayette Martha Bloom Twp.  
Jordan, Margaret M. 1891 28 Jan Bloom twp James Jordan Carrie M. Courtright Greencastle Precinct  
Jungkurth, Mauda 1877 Aug 13 Lithopolis Theodore Jungkurth Mary Roberts Lithopolis  
Kerns, Ralph 1889 May 2 Bloom twp William Kerns Mary Whitehurst Fairfield Co. V5 p 439
Kesler, Maude 1889 Sep 12 Bloom twp Jonathan Kesler Josephine Clark Lithopolis V5 p 439
Kesler, William 1878 Jul 28 Bloom twp Jonathan Kesler Josephine Clark Bloom Twp.  
Kiger, Dora L. 1891 10 Jun Bloom twp Ervin E. Kiger Clotilda B. Ruble Greencastle Precinct  
Kinney, Floyd E. 1891 29 Jun Bloom twp Charles E. Kinney Lizzie Dennis Greencastle Precinct  
Kiser, Bessie May 1889 Oct 30 Bloom twp George Kiser Emma Zwayer Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Kitzler, William C. 1891 21 Jun Bloom twp Charles Kitzler Louisa E. Fassler Greencastle Precinct  
Kotzebue, Carl Edson 1889 Jul 17 Lithopolis George Kotzebue alice Kerns Lithopolis V5 p 439
Kramer, William 1889 Oct 19 Bloom twp Frank Kramer Mary E. Fisher Bloom V5 p 439
Lamb, Hester 1869 20 Dec Bloom twp Philip Elizabeth Bloom Twp.  
Lamb, Mary 1878 Feb 1 Bloom twp Noah Lamb Mary Benson Bloom Twp.  
Lane, Della May 1877 Apr 18 Lithopolis W. H. Lane L. J. Lusk Lithopolis  
Layman, Charles 1870 20 Feb Bloom twp G. W. Mary Bloom Twp.  
Leich, Mary 1869 12 Jun Bloom twp Wilfred Mary Bloom Twp.  
Linn, Mary Alice 1870 20 Mar Bloom twp Joseph A. Elizabeth Bloom Twp.  
Luallen, Oral 1878 Dec 21 Bloom twp James Luellen Saphim Albright Bloom Twp.  
Marchial, Charley 1869 17 Oct Bloom twp George Margaret Bloom Twp.  
Mason, Erwin A. 1870 18 Mar Bloom twp Ervin Selvina Bloom Twp.  
Mason, John 1869 20 Dec Bloom twp Robert Lucy Bloom Twp.  
McPherson, Effa E. 1870 10 Apr Bloom twp Nathan Lyda Bloom Twp.  
Meeker, Frank L. 1889 Sep 20 Bloom twp H. J. Meeker Sarah E. Nye Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Metcalf, Gracise B. 1877 Oct 2 Bloom twp M. R. Metcalf Hila A. Hatchkiss Bloom Twp.  
Moore, Ervin 1889 Sep 12 Bloom twp John Moor Clara M. Heller? Bloom Twp. V5 p 439
Morris, Jesse 1869 20 May Bloom twp John P. Susan Bloom Twp.  
Murry, Henry E. 1869 29 Sep Bloom twp David E. Leah Bloom Twp.  
Notestine, Martin L. 1877 Oct 8 Bloom twp Jonathan Notstine Sarah Glick Bloom Twp.  
Nothstine, Martha A. 1869 28 Jun Bloom twp C. D. Maria Bloom Twp.  
Oyler, Dora 1869 17 Oct Bloom twp Louis Angeline Bloom Twp.  
Oyler, Mary Amy 1869 13 May Bloom twp Benj? Elizabeth Bloom Twp.  
Parish, Lara 1877 Jul 6 Bloom twp Jack Parish Mary Baker Bloom Twp.  
Peer, A. S. 1877 May 15 Bloom twp P. H. Peer Elizabeth Solt Bloom Twp.  
Rainey, Charles E. 1891 5 Sep Bloom twp John B. Rainey Ida R. ???? Greencastle Precinct  
Reigle, Flora 1869 25 Sep Bloom twp Thomas Susan Bloom Twp.  
Rems, Cora E. 1877 Jun 15 Greenfield Twp. E. Reems Mary E. Daubermier Bloom Twp.  
Roberts, Harold 1892 2 Mar Bloom twp unmarried Amanda Bowman Greencastle Precinct  
Roby, Charles L. 1877 Aug 2 Hocking Co., Green Twp. John Roby Alice Cagan Bloom Twp.  
Romick, Albert Maywood 1889 Feb 16 Bloom twp Charles A. Romick Sarah Bradley Fairfield Co. V5 p 439
Smith, Evaline 1889 Feb 16 Bloom twp Jeremiah Smith Pella Oyler Fairfield Co. V5 p 439
Snyder, ?eba 1870 9 Apr Bloom twp John W. Rebecca Bloom Twp.  
Sponsler, Charles E. 1877 Dec 19 Bloom twp George Sponsler Eveline Courtright Bloom Twp.  
Stallsmith, Lewella 1869 28 Nov Bloom twp William Emma Bloom Twp.  
Stucky, Augusta 1869 20 Apr Bloom twp Nicolas Leah Bloom Twp.  
Swoyer, Ivy B. 1877 Oct 29 Bloom twp John Swoyer Barbra Runkle Bloom Twp.  
Thrash, Geo. W. 1869 26 Aug Bloom twp Levi Hannah Bloom Twp.  
Thrush, Samuel 1869 4 Sep Bloom twp Samuel Mary Bloom Twp.  
Walden, Isabella 1870 20 Mar Bloom twp John Florence Bloom Twp.  
Wallace, Lucy 1869 12 May Bloom twp James Sarah Bloom Twp.  
Weimer, Cora Alice 1870 Sep 4 Bloom twp David Weimer Sarah Foore    
Weiser, child 1890 Mar 26 Greencastle Calvin W. Weiser Mary E. Boyer Greencastle Precinct V5 p 439
Wilson, Clauda? 1869 18 Jul Bloom twp James H. Hannah Bloom Twp.  
without name 1889 4 Mar Lithopolis J. A. Bower Jennie Goodman Lithopolis V5 p 439
without name 1889 24 Jul Lithopolis David A. McKinley Effie A. Zarbaugh Lithopolis V5 p 439
Zwayer, Blanche May 1889 30 Dec Bloom twp George Zwayer Elizabeth K. Simms Fairfield Co.  

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Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., OH