Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, Ohio

Alspach / Alspaugh / Boving Cemetery


This cemetery is in section 2, supposedly in a barnyard on the north side of Hummel Road. According to "Cemeteries of Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., OH", Fairfield County Gen. Soc., Chapter OGS, 1996, the stones can be seen from the road, but it's almost destroyed. The original plat was .06 of an acres but in 1995 when someone working on the book checked out the cemetery, it was even smaller in 1995 than in 1982 when the last volunteer did a tombstone transcription. The book also states that there were 4 Revolutionary War soldiers and 2 soldiers from the War of 1812 buried there. The individuals listed in the book for this cemetery includes a combination of several different tombstone transcriptions done over the years. Even with the combination, there are only 9 listed now, and two with unreadable last names.



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