Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, Ohio

Hoshor Cemetery

According to the cemetery inscription book published by the Fairfield Co., Ohio, Genealogy society, this cemetery is in a private woods "300 feet west of Amanda-Northern Road, 1 1/4 mile south of US 33". Stones can be seen from the road in the winter.

The following list is NOT a tombstone transcription. All of the individuals below are in the online searchable database. Death or birth dates shown below may not be what's actually on the tombstone, as the data may have come from a probate or Bible record, or an estimation from census records, etc. Married females are listed in the left column under their maiden name, if known, and spouse(s) names(s) are in the far right column.

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     Individuals Buried in Hoshor Cemetery                                        26 Jan 2004  
     Name                                  Born            Died          Spouse(s) name(s)
     ,Elizabeth                            16 Jul 1804     12 Feb 1884   SIDERS,Samuel
     HOSHOR                                                15 Jan 1861
     HOSHOR,Barbara                        Abt 1809        11 Mar 1876   SWIM,John
     HOSHOR,Elizabeth                      Abt 1800         3 Jun 1873   TALBOT,William Wallace [Md]
     HOSHOR,Elizabeth                                      Abt Oct 1863
     HOSHOR,George                          2 Sep 1799      4 Jan 1880   LITZENBARGER,Mary
     HOSHOR,George [Sr]                    30 Apr 1770      4 Nov 1835   MATHIAS,Barbara
     HOSHOR,Lydia                          Jan 1806        Feb 1811
     HOSHOR,Oliver                         Aug 1836        1910
     HOSHOR,Urias                          20 Jul 1830     20 Apr 1854
     HOSHOR,William                        Jul 1828/1832    9 Jun 1858
     MATHIAS,Barbara                       Abt Nov 1776    20 Nov 1857   HOSHOR,George [Sr]
     ORWIG,Mary Ann                        Abt Mar 1829     3 Apr 1832
     SWIM,Elza J.                          30 Jan 1851      4 Aug 1866
     TALBOT,William Wallace [Md]           1798            27 Aug 1889   HOSHOR,Elizabeth

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