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Lithopolis Cemetery

Lithopolis Cemetery is in Lithopolis, in Bloom township of Fairfield county, Ohio, Section 7. From Lithopolis, go south on Lithopolis Road and it's on the outskirts of the town on the corner of Cedar Hill and Lithopolis roads. Present day name for the cemetery is simply "Lithopolis Cemetery", though according to the Fairfield County Genealogical Society (1), it went also by the names of "Miner", "Zangmeister" and "Baugher". In 1868 Edwin Miner conveyed the cemetery land to Baugher and Zangmeister. In 1871, Baugher and Zangmeister conveyed the land to the city council of Lithopolis. The Wagnalls Memorial has the original deed books which show where each interment occurred. (1) "Cemeteries of Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., OH", Fairfield County Gen. Soc., Chapter OGS, 1996, p 147.

This cemetery is still in use today (accepting new burials).

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