Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, Ohio

Glick Cemetery

This cemetery is apparently 'gone', but was once located across the street from the Glick/Brick Church/Hoy Cemetery in Bloom township, Fairfield Co., Ohio. The other cemetery is located at the northwest corner of Cedar Hill Rod and Alspach Road, and this particular Glick cemetery was located on the southwest corner. According to "Cemeteries of Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., OH", Fairfield County Gen. Soc., Chapter OGS, 1996, p 6, this cemetery was last visited in 1983 and two stones were found.

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    The following list is NOT a tombstone transcription. All of the individuals below are in the online searchable database searchable from the main website at Death or birth dates shown below may not be what's actually on the tombstone, as the data may have come from a probate or Bible record, social security death index, an obituary, or an estimation from census records, etc. Married females are listed in the left column under their maiden name, if known, and spouse(s) name(s) are in the far right column.

    Name                                  Born            Died          Spouse(s) name(s)
    GLICK,Johann Peter                     2 Jan 1768     20 Jun 1807   SCHUMACHER,Anna Maria Barbary
    SCHUMACHER,Anna Maria Barbary         12 Sep 1767      1 Jan 1835   GLICK,Johann Peter

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