Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, Ohio

Lithopolis Cemetery

Richard W. Allen, April 28, 1928 - Jan. 15, 1930; Betty Lee Fry, July 5, 1919 - March 5, 1920

Webmaster's note: This stone was evidently made ten years after the death of Betty Lee Fry since Richard's death was in 1930 and her's in 1920. They are cousins. Their mother's were sisters with the last name of Storts. The death date, according to her death certificate, for Betty Lee Fry is actually March 20, 1920, and she was buried on the 23rd. The "5th" is obviously an error.

Photo courtesy of Sarah T. "Sally" (Poehlitz) Bentley, 2008

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