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Tunis Newkirk Cemetery

Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., OH

This cemetery is located in section 36 of Bloom township, Fairfield county, Ohio. Directions listed in "Cemeteries of Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio", Fairfield Co., Ohio Gen. Society, 1996, states that the cemetery is on the south side of Wilson Road (county road #45), 1/2 mile east of Rock Mill Road (county road 32). It's surrounded by a concrete wall on the side of a small hill and can be seen from the road if the corn is cut. The cemetery is on private property.

In an article published in June 26, 1969, by Charles Goslin (local historian) in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Lancaster, Ohio, he talks about being asked to find out more information on a small cemetery in Bloom township. On a rainy day, they (presumably he and his wife) went to look for it. According to an old land map, he knew the Newkirk land was between Wilson Road and the South Fork of the Hocking River and in the southeast quarter of section 36.

"We followed what we believed was the boundary of the Newkirk land, and we located the small cemetery for which we had searched for some time. This was the Tunis Newkirk Cemetery on land that was granted to Tunis Newkirk in 1812 by Reuben and Polly Newkirk, residents of Bloom Township prior to 1806. This small cemetery, where Tunis Newkirk and his wife Susannah are interred, is now surrounded by a 40 inch high concrete wall. Imbedded in the wall is a small marble slab with this information, 'Tunis Newkirk Burial Lot Reserved By Deed, Liber 12 P 152.' In checking the records we found that this deed on file was made in 1845 by Daniel L. Pratt and his wife Jane. It appears that Jane was a daughter of Tunis Newkirk". ["Crossroads and Fence Corners", V 2, Charles R. Goslin, 1980, p 167]


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  Individuals Buried in Tunis Newkirk Cemetery. - NOT A FULL LIST                              27 Oct 2006  
     Name                                  Born            Died          Spouse(s) name(s)
     HAY,Susanna                           Jul 1781/1782    4 Jul 1841   NEWKIRK,Tunis
     NEWKIRK,John Tunis                    Feb 1832/1834   27 Feb 1842
     NEWKIRK,Sarah Jane                     3 Oct 1830     18 Aug 1842
     NEWKIRK,Tunis                          1 Aug 1749      1 May 1823   MILES,Margaret

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