Isaac G. and Alice Margaret (RAINEY) HOY

The Daniel Rockey Family

Seated left to right: Mary Leah Rockey, Daniel Raymond Rockey, Sr., Martha (Hall) Rockey, Henry Sylvanus Rockey, and Martha Josephine (Rockey) Flack.

Standing, left to right: Daniel Raymond Rockey, Jr., Charlotte Zaidee Rockey, Coe Zelodis Rockey, Noble Lee Rockey, Louisa Catherine Rockey and Lafayette Lewis Levi Rockey.

Both photos taken ca 1882. Photos courtesy of Steven Rockey, great grandson of Noble Lee Rockey.

Noble Lee and wife Mary Jeanette (Hadsell) Rockey. "As soon as they were married [1884] they departed to India as missionaries".

Photos courtesy of Steven Rockey

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