Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, Ohio

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Click on any of the names, below, to take you to their photos or images of death, marriage or birth certificates. Please also note there are many more tombstone and cemetery photos not linked from this page, but linked from the actual cemetery pages located at Be sure and check that location out as all of the tombstone photos for anyone buried in Bloom Township are now located there.

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      Allen, Mary Pauline [1840-1890] obit/news clipping
      Alspach, Elias [1823-1884]
      Alspach, Hannah [1843-1920], w/o Wm. Jaques
      Alspach, Mary, w/o Elias [1830- ]
      Alspach, Rebecca [1840-1923], w/o J. Hisey
      Alspach, William [1833-1889]
      Arnold, Elizabeth, [1815-1882] w/o Samuel Macklin
      Ashbaugh, Adella Margaret [1873-1946] passport photo
      Ashbrook, Anna [1873-1944] passport photo
      Bachar, Jonas - wife's pension application
      Beaty, A. S. sketch of residence ca 1875
      Blacksten, Effie 1901-1999; wife of Judson Smyers
      Blackwood, R. - sketch of residence ca 1875
      Boving house photo, Carroll, Ohio
      Boving, Antonia Augusta [1886- ] w/o Chester Smith
      Boving, Frank [1851-1932]
      Boving, Louis Walter [1890-1975]
      Bradrick, Thomas Herbert [1869- ] passport photo
      Brandt, Jesse - sketch of residence ca 1875
      Brobst, Mary Polly (Spangler) [1839-1904] photo
      Canal Winchester, Ohio - Greetings from the old bridge postcard, 1909
      Canal Winchester, Ohio - 1911 postcard w/churches, streets.
      Canal Winchester, Ohio - Little Walnut Creek postcard 1909
      Carroll, Ohio - Schaer home, hog killing
      Chappelear, Felonise (Weiser) [1900-1990] passport photo
      Courtright, John Jacob Jr. [1805-1878]
      Courtright, Minnie [1873-1947] w/o Thomas H. Roller
      Crist, Peter [dies at 84 from accident - obit clipping]
      Crites, Jacob T. [1824-1910] photo
      Crites, Julia Ann (Powell) [1830-1915]
      Crites, Melvina, d/o Jacob [1851-1932]
      Custer, George B. sketch of residence ca 1875
      Debortoli, Carrie [1891-1965] nee GADD
      Denton, Grace
      Denton, Rosa Jane [1882-1964]
      Denton, Tracy [1892-1947]
      Denton, Tracy b 1892 marriage certificate
      Dunbaugh, Catherine - Mrs. Jonas Bachar -pension application
      Eberhardt, Peter
      Ebert, Anna b 1874 OH, w/o John Smyers
      Elsea, Archie Ray [1892-1980]
      Elsea, Caroline (Hinkley) [1849-1931] w/o Creighton
      Elsea, Creighton R. [1844-1928]
      Elsea, Cora Lynn (Harris) [1874-1970]
      Elsea, Elsa Justina (Riedel) [1891-1986]
      Elsea, Robert Owen [1871-1963]
      Elsea, Thelma Hope [1912-1975], w/o W. N. Miller
      Envelope to Lithopolis, Fairfield Co., Ohio, addressed to J. [Z?] Peer, postmarked 1888
      Foor, Alvin Sylvanius [1857-1934]
      Foor, Ann [1847-1915] w/o Wm. Harris
      Foor, Calvin Jerome ([1862-1946]
      Foor, Charles H. [1866-1927] (tombstone)
      Foor, Edith Evelyn, w/o [?] Crawford [1902- aft 1963]
      Foor, Emma, [1856-1922] w/o John Rawn. Death certificate
      Foor, Francis Leonard M. [1842-1864] photo
      Foor, Franklin E. [1862-1914] (tombstone)
      Foor, Gertrude Orletta, w/o Harley Klein [1892-1863]
      Foor, Hazel (King), w/o Clarence M. Foor, [1896-1971] article about phantom shootings
      Foor, Irvin [1837-1909] photo
      Foor, Jeanette "Netta", w/o Calvin Jerome Foor [1866-aft 1930]
      Foor, Leroy Elsworth "Roy" [1885-1977]
      Foor, Lester Earl [1886-1959]
      Foor, Lula Ethel, w/o Franklin Powley, [1896-1991]
      Foor, Martha (Oyler), 1838-1921
      Foor, Nancy J. [1832-1909], w/o Peter Smith
      Foor, Sarah [1838-1920] w/o Sylvester (tombstone)
      Foor, Susannah (Spangler), [1837-1901] photo
      Foor, Sylvester [1837-1981] (tombstone)
      Foor, William A. [1861-1938] (tombstone)
      Foor, William H. H.[1836-1903] photo of rifle used in Civil War
      Foor, Zelma Edith (Foor) w/o Elroy Powley, [1904-1988]
      Frankfather, Jeannette "Netta", w/o Calvin Foor [1866-aft 1930]
      Gadd, Carrie [1891-1965] w/o Joseph DeBortoli
      Gensel, Sarah/Sally [1810-1859] w/o Enoch Spangler, photo
      Gierhart, Cora [1876-1963] w/o George Morehart
      Gierhart, Margaret (Smaltz) [1843-1926]
      Hall, Martha, w/o Daniel Rockey, Sr. [1819-1891]
      Harris, Ann (Foor) [1847-1915] w/o Wm. Harris
      Harris, Cordelia Jane (Spangler) [1843-1933] photo
      Harris, Cora Lynn [1874-1970] w/o Robert O. Elsea
      Hartman Farm, near Lithopolis, 1911
      Heister, Rosannah Josephine [1911-1977]
      Hinkley, Caroline [1849-1931] w/o Creighton Elsea
      Hisey, Rebecca (Alspach) [1840-1923], w/o J. Hisey
      Hisey, Jonathon
      Hoy, Abraham - sketch of residence ca 1875
      Hoy, Alice Margaret (Rainey) [1868-1931]
      Hoy, Ethelyn Marie Hoy [d 1893 at 1y 2m 4d] obit/news clipping
      Hoy, Harold Grove [1889-1965]
      Hoy, Hubert S. [1897-1976]
      Hoy, Isaac G. [1863-1947]
      Hoy, Peter - sketch of residence ca 1875
      Jaques, Hannah [1843-1920], w/o Wm. Jaques
      Jaques, Harry
      Jaques, William
      Jacks, Dora; Thrash, George - wedding license 1893
      Jones, Russell - postcard addressed to this individual of Carroll, Ohio
      King, Hazel, [1896-1971] w/o Clarence M. Foor, article about phantom shootings
      Klamforth Garage, Lithopolis, Ohio
      Klein, Gertrude Orletta (Foor) [1892-1863]
      Kramer, Donald Sherwood [1882-1973] passport photo
      Lechliter, Charles Wesley [d 27 Feb 1891 at 21y 11m 3d] obit/news clipping
      Lithopolis - envelope with an 1889 postmark, sent to Henry Adams
      Lithopolis School - old photo
      Macklin, Elizabeth (Arnold), [1815-1882] w/o Samuel
      Miller, Ella Viola [ca 1899 PA - aft 1930] Bedford, PA marriage certificate
      Miller, Thelma Hope (Elsea) [1912-1975]
      Morehart, Cora (Gierhart) [1876-1963]
      Morris, John P. [1815-1899] - sketch of residence
      Myers, Francis "Frank" [1845-1905]
      Nothstein, Mahala (Spangler) [1846-1925] photo; w/o Jacob Nothstein
      Oyler, Martha, w/o Rufus Erwin Foor [1838-1921]
      Palmer, Mary, w/o Elias Alspach [1830- ]
      Peer, J. Z. - 1888 postmarked envelope to Peer in Lithopolis
      Powell, Julia Ann, w/o Jacob T. Crites [1830-1915]
      Powley, Lula Ethel (Foor) [1896-1991]
      Powley, Zelma Edith (Foor) w/o Elroy Powley, [1904-1988]
      Rainey, Alice Margaret [1868-1931]
      Rainey, William [1868-1916]
      Rainey, Rosa Jane (Denton) [1882-1964]
      Rawn, Emma (Foor) [1856-1922] w/o John Rawn
      Riedel, Elsa Justina [1891-1986] w/o Archie Elsea
      Ritchey, Jason Henry [ca 1893-1960] Bedford, PA marriage certificate
      Rock Mill, Fairfield Co., Ohio - mill and covered bridge photos
      Rock Mill, Fairfield Co., Ohio - photos of the inside
      Rockey, Charlotte Zaidee [1860-1910]
      Rockey, Coe Zelodis
      Rockey, Daniel Raymond, Jr. [1864-1915]
      Rockey, Daniel Raymond, Sr. [1814-1905]
      Rockey, Henry Sylvanus [1839 - 1909]
      Rockey, Lafayette Lewis Levi [1845 - ]
      Rockey, Lewis Levi [1824-1905]
      Rockey, Louisa Catherine [1853-1884]
      Rockey, Martha (Hall), w/o Daniel Sr. [1819-1891]
      Rockey, Martha Josephine [1847 - ]
      Rockey, Mary Jeanette (Hadsell)
      Rockey, Mary Leah [1841-1914]
      Rockey, Noble Lee
      Roller, Thomas [1868-1951]
      Roller, Minnie (Courtright) [1873-1947] w/o Thomas
      Schaer home, hog killing - Carroll, Ohio
      Scott, James - sketch of him and his residence ca 1875
      Showalter, Mary Ann [1823-1908], w/o Elias Smaltz
      Smaltz, Margaret [1843-1926], w/o Henry Gierhart
      Smaltz, Mary Ann (Showalter) [1823-1908]
      Smith, Nancy (Foor) [1832-1909], w/o Peter Smith
      Smith, Antonia Augusta, nee Boving [1886 - ]
      Smith, Iva Alberta, w/o Levi Spangler [1859-1935] photo
      Smyers, Anna (Ebert) b 1874 OH
      Smyers, Clara, w/o Tracy Denton - marriage certificate
      Smyers, Clara [1894-1916], w/o Tracy Denton
      Smyers, John b 1868 OH
      Smyers, Judson; b 1899
      Spangler, Cordelia Jane [1843-1933] photo; w/o A. B. HARRIS
      Spangler, Enoch [1809-1890] photo
      Spangler, Iva Alberta (Smith), [1859-1935] w/o Levi, photo
      Spangler, Levi F. [1853-1922] photo
      Spangler, Mahala (1846-1925) photo; w/o Jacob Nothstein
      Spangler, Mary Polly [1839-1904] photo; w/o Bernius Bramus Brobst
      Spangler, Sally/Sarah (Gensel) [1810-1859] photo
      Spangler, Susanna [1837-1901] w/o Irvin Foor
      Stuckey, Effie Elizabeth (Whitzel) [1847-1921]
      Stuckey, Jenny Catherine
      Stuckey, Nicholas [1840-1932]
      Stuckey, Nicholas b 1840 w/wife and children
      Stuckey, William Henry
      Stuckey, Zephaniah Wood
      Swander, Delilah [1844-1925] - image of her birth announcement
      Swick, Martin - Photo of Civil War Bible
      Thrash, George; Jacks, Dora wedding license 1893
      Wagnall's Library, Lithopolis - postcard
      Weiser, Felonise [1900-1990] passport photo
      Whitzel, Effie Elizabeth [1847-1921]
      Whitzel - transcription of Whitzel Bible and a couple photos.
      Whitzel, John A. sketch of residence and store ca 1875

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