Isaac G. and Alice Margaret (RAINEY) HOY

Morehart - Showalter - Smaltz - Gierhart

Four Generation Photograph

Cora (GIERHART) MOREHART, rear, 1876-1963, wife of George W. MOREHART. In front, left, is her grandmother, Mary Ann (SHOWALTER) SMALTZ, 1823-1908, wife of Elias. Cora's son Noel MOREHART, born 1898, is in the center. Far right is Cora's mother, Margaret (SMALTZ) GIERHART, 1843-1926. More information can be found about these individuals in the online searchable database.

Gierhart Family Reunion 1914

1914 Gierhart Family Reunion - Carroll, Fairfield Co., OH
1st Row- Karl Roller, John Philip Oberle, Fred Oberle, Henry L. Gierhart , Margaret Smaltz Gierhart
2nd Row - George Roller, Inez Gierhart Roller Maddux, Carl Oberle, Eunice Oberle, Ralph Stir, Anna Ruth Winter Stir (baby) Ethelyn Burdell Stir, Charles Oberle, Carrie Oberle, Etta Gierhart Oberle, Mollie Gierhart Drumm, Thomas Drumm,Marie Drumm, Marcella Drumm, Alice Gierhart Saylor, Elizabeth Saylor, Hugh Saylor
Back Row - John Mason Winter, Effie Gierhart Winter, Esther Winter, Paul Winter, Doris Oberle, Maude Oberle, George Morehart, Cora Gierhart Morehart, ? ? ? , Noel Morehart

Photos courtesy of Mark Gierhart, June 2003

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