William H. H. Foor

William H. H. Foor's Civil War Rifle (?)

The following photos of the rifle came from a woman who purchased it. Because of the pension certificate of William H. H. Foor being within the box with the rifle, I'm assuming it is most likely the rifle he used when serving in Co. H, 107th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Civil War. She says:

I recently purchased an 1812 or 1842 Deringer percussion rifle. Included were documents: Pension Certificate issued to William H. H. Foor, a survey conducted by Daniel Sams for the purchase of 8 as and 58. ps from Wm Latty by David Foor on 31July 1861, a note written to Judge Foor on Aug 15, 1904 (on Hotel Waverly stationary), three tin photos: one of woman standing, one of a woman sitting and one of a child sitting on someone’s lap. A Civil War rank patch and unit crest (CCC 344). 18 envelopes addressed to Stella Morse, who according to your website married Murray Elmer Foor on 23 April 1902. Three of the envelopes contain letters: one addressed My Dear Sister Stella, one from cousin Minnie Grafmiller in Ligonier IN.

After further correspondence with her, she explains:

Only the Pension Certificate, civil war rank and unit patches, and pictures were in the rifle box. The text that follows explains where the other items came from. The gentleman I bought the rifle from told me his father bought the rifle in 1952/53 from a young girl living in a home near where they were camping. The campground was located just outside of Everett on the Juniata Creek. While they were camping the young girl approached them and asked if he would be interested in buying the rifle for $10.00, she said she needed money to purchase a dress, to go to a dance. When asked where she got the rifle, she said they had placed a horse in a back stall of the barn and the horse kicked the box out from under some stuff toward the back of the stall. Shortly after buying the rifle they were approached by the girl’s father, he said he had boxes of stuff in the attic of the house and offered to sell anything wanted. That is where all the other items came from. I have a few photos of the house that I will scan and send. I spoke to Frank last night and he explained the house as an old farmhouse made of stone blocks with intermittent gun ports visible.

Photos courtesy of Julia, 2005/2006

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